Code: Breaker Episode 12: Ogami’s True Flame

Code Breaker Episode 12 -  (14)

“Is that what you stand for? Is that what, Code: Breaker – Code: 01, Hitomi stands for?” – Ogami Rei


Toki reached the top of the Sky Tower to rescue the Prime Minister, Rui came back to deal with Yukuhina and avoid letting the children with special abilities to be taken, Ogami still fighting over Hitomi to stop the bombs and unintentionally got lost.

With the awesome help of the traitor, Heike, they finally managed to corner Hitomi and at the same time, defuse almost all of the bombs before the number reached zero and at the same time, Ogami’s true powers unleashes it’s true form.


Personally, this Hitomi arc is pretty dragged on now. I do know that they are trying to reach episode 13 with this arc but… it’s just… too long. LOL But on the bright side, we get to see so much about Hitomi and all of the other Code: Breakers that the manga hadn’t brought to us – which were firmly what I was searching for the whole time. I do know that Hitomi is Code: 01 and that he was the strongest but I didn’t really feel that much connection towards him from the other Code: Breakers which was shown in the anime.

Code Breaker Episode 12 -  (37)
Please, give me the power to punch this guy’s face.

Now that the party has been back to their track, I wonder how Hitomi would try to do things in order to succeed. Anyways, let us first talk about Toki and the Prime Minister. Apparently, Hitomi has been pretty much the bad-guy character we have seen through but there’s a reason why he has to kidnap the Prime Minister and to top them all, Eden’s lies to them from the very beginning. Pretty much, Toki is really pissed off towards his “father” that he would go to such lengths as to drop him off the Sky Tower from the top. I prefer of him to do so because the guy also pisses me off. Not because he is the Prime Minister and is behind of Eden’s actions all along but it’s because he’s just naturally annoying. LOL I don’t really know why he is Toki’s father in the first place – so I guess this is a lie as well. And the way he would smile just creeps me out, very much, thank you – just kill him already? LOL

But then again – that’s not really the main problem of this seires but it is with but is Hitomi’s case. Hitomi’s reason is reasonable enough – I’ve said this so many times already to each episode. He’s particularly right and do really care about his brothers and sisters so much that he would actually go psycho and decided to prioritize those people who have special abilities. I know what he is doing this for is actually right… in a way… but all those killings are not really necessary. And may I repeat – they all have become Code: Breakers in order to fulfill their individual goals with knowledge what kind of life will they be living after they have all become one. Thus, there is really no reason for the other Code: Breaker to die with sadness at all and it’s not like, they have been all alone in the first place. I mean, there is not only one Code: Breaker – but six of them! Not only that, they also have agents, like, Kanda, who is more willing to stay by their side, helping them. Obviously if one of them dies, it’ll be sad and it’s even sadder to think that there will be no one there for them when they do so but that doesn’t mean you can’t mourn for them. You – who knows they exist and who knows what they have been doing all this while – can mourn for them – enough for a while family. This is one big problem with Hitomi – he let his emotions run his world for him and he’s there to say that simply emotions can’t save anyone. He is just the same.

It is also good to see that all the people who protects a country work together just to save as much people and to stop the bombing. Sure, they can’t do that much likes the Code: Breakers can but at least, this kind of society is pretty much one’s ideal. Only that, this kind of people only appears whenever there is trouble. If it’s a minor thing, sometimes, they would just play dum and be ignorant. Still, the way they still want to do their job no matter how dangerous things would turn out to be is just… the perfect thing in the world. I do know that there are only a few people – not even half of the people – who work under these organizations that do their job whole-heartedly. It just shows how rotten a country – no, even the world – is.

Code Breaker Episode 12 -  (25)
Although this scene is pretty funny. XD

The one who actually have been helping them with Hitomi’s location and the exact location of the bombs was Heike after all. I mean, there could no other person who could do so anyway and by the use of his ability of light, he’s able to communicate with the other Code: Breakers and other organizations that are willing to help with the situation through an anonymous mail. I say, pretty much Heike is an unbelievable character and he has this unpredictable plans ahead of the others. It is sad that Hitomi still tried to trust Heike even if he does knows that Heike is still on the sides of the remaining Code: Breakers. Still, I don’t think betrayal was the only thing on Heike’s mind after that.

Then we switch to Ogami Rei, who became lost after a massive amount of tries to burn Hitomi, was able to stand up again, reciting his usual “An eye for an eye,” line. He was able to omit his true flame’s form (well, actually, it’s just one of them lol), and is ready to burn down Hitomi.

Code Breaker Episode 12 -  (43)

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