Code: Breaker Episode 13 [FINAL]: You Exist

Code Breaker Episode 13 FINAL -  (29)

“You can’t. You can do no more. Leave the rest to us. Don’t heap more evil on yourself.” – Ogami Rei


With Ogami’s Azure flame on action, he was able to neutralize Hitomiis electricity and was able to stop him somehow on using his ability to detonate all the bombs planted in one go; although it ate a lot of energy from Ogami’s side and also, resulted for Hitomi’s electricity to eat him up – Code: End.

But before he dies, he must be taught a lesson or two from his comrades.


PLEASEEEE GIVE ME MORE TIME TO CRYYYYY OMG THIS SHOW IS… I know that it’s far different from the manga and there is actually a lot of change for the anime but… but… OMG I can’t help but to think that the anime adaptation is actually good on its own way. But please, let me cry some more. Ugh.

Code Breaker Episode 13 FINAL -  (19)Anyway, we get to know more of Hitomi and his reasons and all the things that he has done – whichwere done all alone even though they were a team. True that if he does involve the others, they might be hunted down by Eden as well. It was actually a pretty nice choice and I would have done the same as well but his plan is just crazy. Still, his last moments were pretty much dramatic – more dramatic than that of the manga, I tell you. If the manga had made me go watery-eyed while reading Hitomi’s death, the anime made me cry, many times, seriously. There are a lot things added to the series as well but I am really thankful for them since you get to understand Hitomi and the other Code: Breakers more and you get to see them all in action. Hitomi was just one person to play the role of a teacher to Ogami to improve his abilities and to show his true power and develop his hidden potential. It’s cruel of the Prime Minister to do so but it helped Ogami one way or another and plus, Hitomi’s life was about to end, it might have been more meaningful for him to be able to help others through his death (me, ignoring the casualties he has caused).

Not only that, the other Code: Breakers still sees Hitomi as their leader, as a respected ace of the group and as the strongest Code: Breaker in history of Eden. Also, as a great comrade, a friend whom always have been together with them, treating them like family ever since they have joined forces. It must have been painful to them to fight against him after all the times they have shared together, after all the things they have learned from him and after getting to know him better. Fighting against a best buddy of yours from the past is very much painful and at the same time, you have to stick to your own justice. Even though he was your friend – he is now evil. It was a fact, and a painful one at that. And I know that all of the Code: Breakers agrees to Hitomi’s idea but the thing is – what Hitomi has been doing is against his own justice who turned him into evil.

Code Breaker Episode 13 FINAL -  (46)Among all, it was surely, Ogami who has been most affected by Hitomi’s death. Of all the people in Eden, of all the Code: Breakers, it was Hitomi who had been the closest one to him. He was his mentor, his teacher of all things, and the one who stood up as his big brother and supported him into his dream to eliminate all evil – even though he laughed at it. He didn’t kill Hitomi – and this was the greatest evidence of all and I know that the rest would actually feel the same. To Ogami, Hitomi was just no ordinary Code: Breaker and that he played an even more important role than that of an evil man. Hitomi was their pillar of strength and support and not Eden – this was a fact. Anyway, Eden will never be their pillar of support although their tracking abilities are far too great to ignore. XD

Heike, is also an old comrade of Hitomi – probably the longest one he has ever worked with. It was shown that Heike did betray Hitomi for the last time but it wsn’t betrayal for an order – I know. He even said so himself, IT WASN’T A SHOW. It wasn’t and will never be. He knows that working with Hitomi has given him bliss for Hitomi is one strong Code: Breaker and he has this strong will and that is something he doesn’t want Hitomi to loose and therefore decided to betray him in order to stop his madness. It was the only logical choice for a friend to do and even if I were in Heike’s side, I’d do the same.

Code Breaker Episode 13 FINAL -  (51)

Now that this is the last episode of the series, please, LET ME KILL THAT PRIME MINISTER, NOWWWWW. LOL Well, okay, at least, Hitomi was able to inflict damage on him in the end. Good for you, Hitomi. You even made Heike smile. It is also seems that there are more people that the current Code: Breakers will face and another would be the person called, “The One Being Sought”. It seems Yukihina was also on his side and there are more people with him as well. What’s more, he looks just like Ogami Rei, only, he had silver hair and carries a god sword with him. Too bad we won’t be seeing him in action though. If this will have a second season – which I doubt it – it would be nice to see the rest of the story.

Code Breaker Episode 13 FINAL -  (50)

I’m actually a fan of this guy. :3

“People meet to be separated,” is what the common laws in the world say and that is which Sakurakouji Sakura has to encounter. She will be separated from Ogami and the rest of the Code: Breakers now that their mission against Hitomi is now on a close. But this is not yet the end for them. Fate will again play its role in life and thus, “Those who were separated will once again meet.”

Code Breaker Episode 13 FINAL -  (60)

“Ogami, even if nobody in this world knows about Code: Breakers, it doesn’t mean you don’t exist. I know you do. You exist inside of everyone. You aren’t alone. And as long as you, Toki, Prince, Yuuki, Heike and Kanda-sensei are around, Hitomi will live on. No one is alone.” – Sakurakouji Sakura


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  1. farhorizon says:

    Wrapped things up nicely & hinted at more to come. A shame there likely won’t be a second season .. I might have to check out the manga though.

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