“You can do difficult things, but you can’t do simple things. I think that gap is what makes you who you are.”


Episode 19 Impression

All throughout the series, Kud’s always fitted the cute loli character type, especially with her trademark “wafu~” sounds xD And her derpy English skills has remained a running gag ever since it was introduced, so it was nice to see it make another appearance alongside the National Proficiency Test, which seems to be a multiple-choice based exam that students in Japan are offered the chance to take. As always, the Little Busters are willing to offer a helping hand, and this time it comes in the form of coaching Kud at their best subjects to help her improve!

It’s pretty impressive what Kud’s able to understand – despite being a whole year younger than them, she’s able to read various complicated books on quantum mechanics and even talk with Futaki Kanata about topics like the “many worlds” theory, which I’ve actually tried looking up in the past (and promptly failed miserably, after realizing I understood none of the jargon). She’s reading books for international tests to boot – which means that in actuality, she’s really smart! Things like that National Proficiency Test she got all worked up over is nothing compared to quantum mechanics, it just happens to not be something a regular high school student would be learning about. It’s unbalanced, but kinda cool at the same time that she can do hard stuff but not easy stuff.

Kud ended up getting panicky during the test and writing all her answers in the wrong columns again – but to be honest, I’m suspecting that a lot of that panic is coming from the horrible treatment she’s getting from her classmates. Laughing about her English abilities or poor ability in class is one thing, but actually making bets on how bad she’ll do is another thing entirely – it may be funny to them, but it’s needlessly cruel to someone like Kud, who must already be facing hardships transferring so many times in between places. And here they are, treating her as some sort of foreign exhibition – it’s amazing how she can smile and laugh it off in front of the Little Busters like that.


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  1. MCAL

    I also think it’s amazing that all the Little Busters stay by her side and accept her for who she is (As the above quote shows). Would have been nice if I had friends like that. (I have friends. But not friends like the Little Busters.)

    1. Vantage

      They’re friends that stick by you through thick and thin, and will always be there for you no matter what – anyone would be lucky to have a group of friends like the Little Busters.

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