“Rin, have you ever been in love?”



Rin and Riki receive the next task they must undertake in order to discover the “secret of the world” – to relieve a classmate, Aizawa of his lovesickness. When Rin finds out that Aizawa’s true love is in fact Sasasegawa Sasami, she’s not too pleased yet still agrees to try and hook her up with him. Hilarity ensues 😀


P234I must admit, I enjoyed this episode more than I thought I would – it was hilarious. I don’t know whether it was because I’m more responsive to comedy after a stressed-out Monday, but it’s a nice interlude to have before we head back into the inevitable drama that comes with Kud’s arc next week – something to do with a strange ceremony and various other secrets. Anyway, the mysterious task-giver appears once again with his “secret of the world” that Rin is rather enticed by, and this time they have to confront a love issue, by dealing with the lovesickness experienced by a guy called Aizawa in Class 2-A. With Rin’s eternal rival Sasasasasa Sasasegawa Sasami (what a mouthful =_=) making an appearance at the start of the episode after such a long absence from the show, it quickly became clear who Aizawa had fallen for.

Admittedly, Sasami does come off as someone who’d be smart, and I suppose she’s popular as well, with her constant entourage of fangirls following her about all over the place. I’m not sure I agree with her being an amazing person nor an athletic girl – Rin sure doesn’t, though she could actually justify it by how easily Sasami lost to Rin after provoking her by bullying her cat (which surprisingly did not land on its feet). Well, Aikawa is entitled to love whomever he wishes to, even if that person happens to be an ojou-sama like Sasami. With Rin and Riki mediating for Aikawa, I think Rin’s cleared a hurdle in terms of her ongoing rivalry with Sasami – I was surprised that she actually stopped and was willing to hear Rin out when asked about her hobbies and interests, which is probably one of the rare proper conversations they’ve had that didn’t involve some sort of jibe or insult xD It was hilarious how Sasami ended up revealing that she loves Kengo of all people, who naturally couldn’t really care less about her.

“Let’s not shatter his dreams, please.”

There were many cringe-worthy moments over Aizawa trying to desperately gain Sasami’s attention, only to get antagonized especially when he attempted to rap in front of her and failed miserably. It was a nice try though, as was their attempt to beat up Kengo (lolwut?) and supposedly have Aizawa look cool in front of Sasami. Even if it worked, it probably would have made Sasami hate him more – he should have tried becoming just as athletic as Kengo is, if Sasami’s into sporty guys. Or he could have gone down the surefire route advertised in many, many romcoms – running to school late with a piece of toast in your mouth, and bumping into a transfer student girl who falls down and goes “kyaaa, did you see~?” Ah, if only life were that simple. Anyway, it was a nice thing for Rin and Riki to do in the end, and the most realistic option too – for Aizawa to text Sasami sometimes and get to know her better, hopefully starting out as friends and progressing from there.


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  1. MCAL

    Best part for me was when Rin asked the girls about love. Komari reacted like Rin was in love with her, Kurugaya (Who has become my favorite Key heroine) reacted like she hoped Rin was in love with her and Mio was left to her Yaoi fantasies of Riki X Kyousuke (Which may not be that farfetched).

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