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Much to my surprise, this week we were able to learn much more about Leticia and what’s going on in the background. I was honestly expecting the whole thing with Leticia’s being a prize that the Demon Lords offer/now about to be sold outside of the Little Garden, to be a lot more complicated and taste some drama. Instead rather than intense drama and emotions going haywire, we received the opportunity to see more about Kurousagi’s character and a chance to see a glimpse just how powerful she actually is.
Leticia ended up sacrificing her Gift in order to get free and run away to see her friends and take the opportunity to quickly challenge our three newcomers. In the end, she wounded up petrified after protecting Asuka who wouldn’t have had enough time to dodge the surprise attack.
Izayoi continues to be an invincible powerhouse. While that fact amuses me greatly, I am starting to have mixed feelings about it. I mean, it’s crucial for the No-Names to have someone as powerful as he is, but I am starting to wonder when he will ever taste defeat. This show will only have nine episodes, so technically we are now half way through, of course that means there are still plenty of opportunities for him to lose- including the challenge we’ll be seeing next week.
I wasn’t surprised at all to see that Izayoi went to hunt down the tokens they needed in order to challenge Perseus. I am very interested in that cunning look that Kurousagi has in her eyes. I am hoping that this will be one of the rare games that she can participate in because there will be nothing better than to see Kurousagi kick Perseus’s ass.
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Speaking of Kurousagi, it appears that she could possibly be up to par with Izayoi’s power level since she wields the Spear of Indra (which is SUPER BADASS). I found it hilarious how Izayoi grabbed her ears to cool her down. Oh my god I can’t help it, THAT’S IT. I SHIP THESE TWO! I KNOW THERE AREN’T GOING TO BE ANY ROMANCE IN THIS, BUT I CAN’T HELP IT. I SHIP IT!

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Asuka’s geass power isn’t able to have a lasting effect on Perseus, as he claims that only low-levels can be under control. This has definitely fulfilled one of my curiosity about how ‘strong’ her geass abilities are. With that said, Asuka’s current abilities without any extra weapon (that might boost her power/gift level) is definitely going to be proven an obstacle.

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Kasukabe was absent for most of the episode, she had very few lines which makes me curious of how big of a role she will play in the remaining episodes. She had her fight, so did Asuka, which leaves Izayoi and Kurousagi to take part of an actual challenge (besides the ‘mini-mostly-offscreen-events’ of challenging the gods and stuff).
Overall another good episode. I enjoyed the humor with Asuka and Izayoi claiming that Kurousagi’s sexy legs belongs to them and giving Shiroyasha a thumbs up for persuading Kurousagi to wear the outfit she has been wearing. Perseus is a sleazy guy and there’s nothing good getting stuck with him. Fortunately his offer for trading Leticia for Kurousagi is now down the drain since Izayoi defeated the Kraken and the Graeae and claimed possession of the Gifts that display authority to challenge a legend.

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PS: Tuxedo Mask Izayoi FTW


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