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Kotoura-san Ep 4 Img 0007The episode was pretty plain for me since it wasn’t focused on dropping FEELS bombs and for most part was very simple and straight-forward.It was a nice change of pace though since we were able to learn that there were others who cared for Kotoura such as the Head Priest and her grandfather (which we already knew since he has been taking care of her since her parents abandoned her). While Kotoura’s grandfather is a bit of a pervert, I’m glad that he is still by her side and loves her with all his heart. I also love that the Head Priest cares for Kotoura as well for a long time, and decided to investigate further in hopes to find a solution to help her, only to discover a passion for ESP subject.
Manabe as usual, continues to be awesome. It was great to see him almost confess to Kotoura right on the spot (heehee) and be angry at Moritani after he learned that she was the one behind the Dojo men attack. He has every reason to be and I appreciate that his character (being the genuine nice guy he is) isn’t brushing the matter aside as if it were nothing. I also like the fact that he isn’t forgiving her right away and has his guard up, mostly for Kotoura since he has no reason to trust Moritani at the moment.
Kotoura-san Ep 4 Img 0032 In contrast to Manabe’s reaction, despite all the cruelty Kotoura has been through, she forgives Moritani, which was admittedly a bit frustrating to watch. It’s not that I encourage her or anyone, including Manabe to hold a grudge, but I wouldn’t be so quick to trusting someone after the shit they put me through. Of course as I pointed out last week and as Kotoura has come to recognize this week, she always blamed herself. So naturally, there would be no one to be angry at but yourself and that was probably played a big factor on forgiving another who was actually the one to blame.
As you already know, I hate Moritani. I don’t like her character. So as result I honestly have mixed feelings about Moritani joining the club/group now. Her apology and the fact she hired a detective to locate Kotoura didn’t leave an impact on me so there’s no ‘improvement’ points to be given to her from me. I am glad that at least ONE person (as I pointed out in the above, Manabe) who was rightfully angry about what she had done and pissed off to hear that she was the one who plotted the attack against him (he was hospitalized for crying out loud!).


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  1. Noc

    “So I verbally attacked my classmate to the point of making her vomit and had a hand in sending the guy I supposedly like to the hospital, but I’m really sorry about it! I’ve seen the error of my ways and am going to change from now on so it’s okay!!” -Moritani
    NO. NNOO. It does NOT work that way!! What those guys did was ASSAULT a MINOR, they should be charged and she as well for being an accomplice. Sometimes an apology is enough and a little slap on the wrist is all they need, but not in this case. No, no, no. Tracking Kotoura down in an attempt to bring her back doesn’t make it okay at all, because Moritani was trying to make Manabe feel better which would in turn make HERSELF feel better, so she’s still just acting selfishly in the end. D=<
    In short, it was an okay episode. I'm very happy to see that Kotoura's grandpa is still a nice guy (if a bit perverted), and including the priest as another friendly supporter was a really nice touch, but the unquenchable Moritani rage I was feeling really put a damper on things. I can only hope that Manabe continues to feel negatively towards her a bit longer. Like you say, it's not necessarily good to hold grudges against others, but at the same time she hasn't done nearly enough to be forgiven just yet.

    1. Eva

      Exactly! I can’t imagine how anyone would welcome her with open arms into their group after being through that! She crossed the line- big time. Regardless of how she acts and how she and Kotoura may turn out to be “BFF”s I’m confident that she won’t grow on me- and for the love of a god- if she continues to pursue Manabe after putting him through that… Just, NO. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. REJECTED, DECLINED, YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO DO THAT.

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