Summary: Don Valentino is approached by NORA, who propose a collaboration in forces- NORA will support his efforts to steal money and cause chaos, and in return, they will play “hero” in the time of need, and control the city together. Valentino declines, but they end up working together anyway. Inaba continues his search for his brother, and discovers that his “brother” is indeed alive, and is actually the brains of NORA.

Well, well, well- Cuticle Detective Inaba tackled the plot head on! I’m really impressed at this moment, because my expectations were really low during the first episode of the anime, but it’s slowly returned. While I enjoyed last week’s Valentines Day insanity for the anime references and the overall insanity, I felt this was a good episode to establish the teamwork between the characters. Haruka, masquerading as a rabbit with a pet sheep (which really is a wolf “in sheep’s clothing”) appears, and is a damn great villain. He can control the other two minions with his mind, and I felt a little sad at that. I really liked his assistants, but as it turns out, they are merely extensions of Haruka himself.

I still can’t get over laughing when I see money prepared as food for Don Valentino. He really is an evil goat with a taste for money, ahahaha. The overall interaction between Ogino and Inaba was pretty hilarious, simply because of the cosplay jokes when the police are trying to deal with the recent increase of officers being attacked.

The most serious part of the episode, by far, was when Inaba tried to open fire on Haruka in order to arrest him. While the rest of the show shakes off headshots with no problem, I felt this was one of the ways that the show keeps drawing me back in. This actually felt really serious, and I was tricked to step out of my “comedy” mindset.

It turns out the officers had been equipping toy guns to thwart the sidearm thieves, and all the courage Inaba summons to shoot his brother was wasted.
More or less…weird, hilarious situations happen, and it gets a lot funnier.
Looking forward to next week!