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Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuro Sou Desu Yo Ep 6 Img 0010WOOOO! They proved that Kurousagi is equal to Izayoi’s power level! Oh my gosh, it was so much fun to watch their match. Then when it ended as a draw, I was super pleased to see that Izayoi was frustrated because he was so sure that he won (or maybe he hoped that he had lost- but that’s unlikely). But yikes he and Kurousagi completely destroyed the top of a building and put the pedestrians in danger. That was a bit of a stupid/selfish move on Izayoi’s part since he doesn’t care about damaging other people’s property- as long as it ensures it can help him secure victory. Now that the Salmandra’s MP has arrived at the scene, we’ll see what kind of punishment they will have to deal with- if they get one that is (and I imagine so). Anyhow I am curious to see what kind of requests these two are going to go for. Knowing Izayoi, he might go as far as searching for a loophole within that agreement since he has the brains to do so.
Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuro Sou Desu Yo Ep 6 Img 0023I think that Faerie that Asuka saw and chased after today is something to pay attention to, even more so when surprisingly the episode ended up shifting it’s attention to Izayoi and Kurousagi. If anything, I see this faerie more likely to lead Asuka to Salamandra’s new leader. I felt that they had dropped a handful of hints that Asuka will be able to relate to her (and like Jin, she’s eleven years old). But honestly it’s hard to to say because haven’t even met the new leader yet.
Overall the episode was okay. The fight between  Izayoi and Kurousagi was definitely the main highlight. With four episodes remaining I am curious to see whether things will start getting serious next week.


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    Loved the episode, that fight scene was awesome! Black Rabbit i have no idea what she’s gonna do with that one command. Knowing Izayoi thus far, i can see a jokingly “kiss me” or something perverted, but since i ship kuro x izayoi, ill stick with that XD. Poor building, and i guess we’ll find out where Asuka ran off to

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