“”This is awkward…”



Oonoki faces off against Mu, and Gaara decides to help him beat the stronger enemy, leaving the unwilling Allied troops responsible for defeating the second Mizukage; a feat they are unable to do despite the Mizukage handing them his weaknesses on a silver platter. After Naruto shows up and helps the Kages defeat Mu, he heads off to an alternate battlefield, where Temari and her troops are up against the Third Raikage.


Well, that was probably the most awkward episode of Naruto I’ve ever had to blog about, especially given that the entire context behind the battle made things even more out of place – it’s a Shinobi World War we’re talking about, and the vast majority of the shinobi fighting were essentially proved to be completely useless. I think I’ve mentioned how these random background characters were almost classed as cannon-fodder, only able to counter the thousands of White Zetsu clones, but here they proved themselves to be exceptionally crap. It’s like how all the main characters in this show are pretty unique with lots of cool jutsu, yet are just classed as Chuunin level – while you have all these random Jounins that are apparently strong ninja, but end up being random faceless people that have little-to-no battle capabilities whatsoever.

Pic715Granted, these ninja were going up against the Second Mizukage, who should be a terrifying force as a Kage-level shinobi, but their battle skills were just…disappointingly poor. I mean…the Mizukage was all ready to be sealed, and didn’t want an external jutsu user controlling him in the first place. Even if their bodies were automatically programmed to counter enemy jutsu, its not like he was trying! He’s told them all his weaknesses and the fact that they should be searching for the real giant clam instead of attacking the mirage with physical weapons, yet all they do is throw kunai, giant shuriken and other metal objects at it, even after being told that the one in front of them is fake. Even more awkward was the fact that everyone only has a few weapons, and the Mizukage’s standing there, watching them pick up the weapons they dropped while getting pissed at the guy who insulted his moustache. If Gaara and Oonoki hadn’t shown up, they’d have been done for.

Meanwhile, it seems like Oonoki actually struggled quite a bit against Mu. Though the Raikage and Mizukage seem to be advising the Allied shinobi on what to do, Mu’s been nearly silent all this time, and seems like he’s actively out to kill Oonoki with his Jinton. Whether this was due to Kabuto’s influence or not I don’t know, but he was trying pretty hard in comparison to the Mizukage, and might have been a real threat had Naruto’s clone not shown up to the battlefield. Naruto’s Planetary Rasengan and his increased range due to the Kyuubi arms has actually increased the potency of the Rasengan a lot, as one of its weaknesses was the need to be within arm’s length to do any damage – now that the rotation and force is controlled by the extendable Kyuubi arms, the Rasengan’s gained a lot of range while still keeping its power. Anyway, I doubt Mu is going to be sealed that easily after a few attacks, as a Kage-level shinobi he’s probably still got more fight in him.