Don Valentino steals Hiroshi’s hair collection to make diamonds, which causes Hiroshi to snap. After an effective takedown, they lose Valentino again trying to control Hiroshi. And just when you thought the show was ending, a new character tries to interview to get into Don Valentino’s family.


Why on Earth would they introduce a new character in the second half of the episode and not tell us why he’s important!?! And we still didn’t get to see Lorenzo’s face (though, we saw some of it in an earlier episode), so the only assumption is to say that Cuticle Detective’s train of insanity is going to continue into another season.

Opening up with a dramatic scene of Hiroshi in shock is nothing new, but as soon as he breaks out crying to Ogino, it just got serious. Where, normally, Hiroshi will try to wriggle out of doing anything related to Ogino (as he’s distracted by finding Haruka)…and now that I think about it, Hiroshi barely even mentioned Haruka this episode.

The concept of diamonds made from hair is clearly not scientific and just for the lulz (even if hair was 50% happiness and 50% carbon, a diamond is compressed carbon, and I’m pretty sure that jar of hair would not have come anywhere near the couple of diamonds that Don Valentino made)- but another way for the story to fit together. I think one of the big draws of the shows is the ability bend any “rule” of reality without much problem, and still not have it feel like a deus ex machina. Kei provides the rational explanation and shows “explosive insight” when something clearly breaks the rules of reality, but we’re all fine with sitting back and watching back-and-forth between the detectives and Don Valentino’s gang.

Hiroshi clearly had the upper hand in this episode, and even if it was pretty mean what he did to the gang. The ideas that played out for the different traps really funny. Sadly, Hiroshi is unpredictable when mad, and stops being effective at catching Don Valentino as soon as his hair collection was returned to him. Sigh…

Probably the most irritatingly tantalizing part of the episode is probably the second half, where a new character boldly strides into the detective agency to make a proclamation, and then leaves. “Forest Masashi” is very much like Valentino in outfit, complete with a goat skull and a cape, but his mindset is what keeps him back. While interviewing for a position in Valentino’s gang, he completely ignores Gabriella’s calls, and somehow even Lorenzo manages to bully him. And with that, HE JUST LEAVES AT THE END OF EPISODE. HOW CAN YOU DO THIS, AND INTRO A NEW CHARACTER IN THE LAST 15 MINUTES. WHRYYYYYY!?!

He’s pretty hilarious, but seriously, a new character!?!

The show ends with everyone chasing after Don Valentino, the same way that is began, and no news on a second season yet.

Final Impressions:

This is a mix bowl of random, but I really enjoyed how much they put into making the characters. The two gangs (Cuticle Detectives and Don Valentino) are enemies, but the line is very faint, or at least, not very clear. All the characters had something interesting, and in the end, I wish there was a bit more on Yataro and Gabriella.

The humour asks a lot of the watcher, but once you get into it, you just go along for the ride. Nothing is serious, so you won’t be internally screaming like in the last few episodes of PSYCHO-PASS. So if you’re bored, you should give this a shot. Don’t expect anything to make sense, though.

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  1. Linzz

    Truth be told, even though this series was full of hilarity and mostly it doesn’t really make any sense but when you try to understand each episode, it has some meaningful sights too which actually the thing that drawn me into this series. Sure you’ll laugh and you’ll think this series is weird but sometimes, reading between the lines helps you out on watching Inaba. XD

    It did good to me and my friend too. LOL It’s weird or am I just thinking too much? XD

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