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Final Impression:
Kotoura-san Ep 12 Img 0023Aww that was a sweet ending. The only thing I wished we were able to see more of in action is more of Kotoura and her mother mending their severed bonds. I was both relieved and proud that Kotoura finally stood up for herself and pointed out that her mother has no right to judge who her friends are when she was the one of many people who abandoned her. But the best part (besides the much-needed pillow fight) was that although her mother did not tell Kotoura how she really felt, we were able to get her side of the story during the time she had chosen to leave her daughter.
Kotoura-san Ep 12 Img 0021 It turned out that she did feel remorse, regret and shouldered the blame of not being able to be a good mother, strong enough to stay by Kotoura’s side. It is too bad that she has a difficult time expressing herself towards her daughter, but it’s probably because she doesn’t know what is the right way to do that. And kudos to the head priest for giving her a tip that Kotoura was caught up in last week’s incident. We’ve seen her protective mama-bear when dealing with Manabe, can you just imagine how worried she must have been when she heard about Kotoura being caught up in that incident? Now that I think of it, it would have been something good to see.
Mifune had disbanded and relaunched the LSP Research Society in hope to start fresh again. She apologized to Kotoura for approaching her with an ulterior motive and for not being a true friend to her. I am glad that she had done that and is finally able to start moving on as well as the fact writers did not forget to address this.
Kotoura-san Ep 12 Img 0009I am glad that they decided to touch up on Daichi’s confusing statement from last week where we were confused whether he had confessed or not. Unfortunately he did not. I threw my hands up in the air in exasperation shouting, “GOD DAMN IT DAICHI!” and Mifune too, was extremely frustrated when he friend-zoned her without even realizing it.
Speaking of confessions, our main couple finally confessed to each other. I am actually happy to see that it was Kotoura to say it first, despite the fact that Manabe had been frequently saying it out loud to others and in his head. When Manabe did confess, it was very cute. (God damn it that “what-could-have-been-a-kiss” tease!)
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Overall Kotoura-san had surprised me with its drama. I actually liked that part of the story more than the romance and the humor, it let a bigger impact on me. The characters were great, though the only one who I was really a fan of was Manabe. He really outshines the others, including Kotoura who is a great lead, but her character flaw of blaming herself when she had nothing to do with it quickly grew irritating and I desperately wanted her to outgrow that as soon as possible. However I found that part of her development is still incomplete, but she is learning as she finally stood her ground today against her mother (which is a big deal).


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