Summary: Things get serious this week, with the episode divided into two parts. The first part has a ransom letter sent to the Cuticle Detective demanding money for the return of Yuuta. Yuuta has let herself get kidnapped in a test to see if Hiroshi would come to rescue her, or put finding his brother at a higher priority.

The second part of the episode is about the Don Valentino gang plotting another scheme. They discover that their meeting place has been compromised, so they leave, with Yataro/Soumei staying behind. Soumei possesses Ogino as he is being arrested, as it turns out, he is the grandson of the police officer that Soumei worked with in the police department.


I really liked the second half of the episode, because it shed a lot more light on Soumei. But the first half first!

Yuuta really shines in this episode, and I thought it was really well set up. Right from the start, I knew that there was no way that she would have been caught by Valentino, and as it turns out she was doing this to test Hiroshi. There was something that bothered her, so she did something about, despite making it extremely unfair on the other person. Hiroshi did, in a way, make his brother the priority, but he also sent Ogino to rescue Yuuta from the tower. Damsel in distress, indeed. Noa and Yuuta had too much fun setting up booby-traps in the tower before the rescue party arrived, and accidentally trapped themselves into the building. Ogino bypasses the traps by climbing the outside of the tower, and even then, Yuuta drops acid on him. O_O

Yuuta is successful rescued, but the problem that started it in the first part was not solved, and I suspect this will be solved at the end. However, Ogino and Yuuta’s relationship improved(?) to a point where Yuuta says thanks for the rescue by…pushing Ogino off a cliff. GG.

The  second part was much more interesting. To understand the divide between the police force and the dogs, it seems the problem was much, much older than any of the characters in the show. Ogino’s grandfather was one of the few people to trust and understand the dogs in the midst of the corrupt police force, but in the end, all the things he did amounted to nothing, and he killed himself. Soumei, as mentioned before, left the police force with the rest of the dogs in protest, and from the way that the other dogs treated him, it is to say that being “leader” is not easy. Soumei was definitely police detective material, but because of the general treatment of the dogs, it was not ideal to stay, and that was want led to the split.

However, I don’t understand why Soumei doesn’t like the grandson of him…they are separate people.

Yataro could possibly seen as the third son of Soumei. Soumei raised Yataro from the young age, and  from current the personality of Yataro, he’s matured quite a bit since then. If I had to say who was the most normal…I’d pick Yataro.