Summary: Caught in a fevered dream, Nozaki’s mind takes us on a weird sidestory of what-ifs. The first part has Kei cast as the new student in a class taught by Haruka with the various other other characters as teachers or students. The next story is about a memory of Soumei coming across the Inaba brother in the park. The last story casts Hiroshi as the lead of a police drama.

There was definitely something more light about this episode than most. I was just thinking it was going to be just a random mash of stories that the writers wanted to tell when they originally created the show, but at the end, it was revealed that Kei was having fevered dreams about everyone (which doesn’t really make sense in terms of the Soumei flashback).

I feel that Cuticle Detective has mostly exhausted it’s “plot,” whatever is it. The relationship between the police, Cuticle detectives, and Don Valentino’s gang has dissolved into a mass of mixed priorities and brother complex stories. I suppose a little more insight into Soumei’s feelings about his sons was a bit interesting, but it just help like more cheap fanservice shots of two lolis to float the episode.

The mixing of the characters was fun, though, and I can feel better for Kei, having to put up with everyone. I can imagine it gets really crazy around the office, with all the weirdoes dropping in, and the friends he has. Frankly, I don’t even know why he bothers to stick around Hiroshi at all.
Aside from it, the last part with the rivalry was something to worth watching. It’s a little annoying when there is nothing serious going on, and everything is fanciful thinking. You lose sympathy for everyone because they’re just here to make jokes.