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Today’s episode was definitely hands down more tolerable and enjoyable than last week’s. Shido at the very least amused me again, I’ll give him that. On the other hand, they did not follow up on how Shido was healed, something I sincerely wished they had touched up on because come on! Why wouldn’t Shido question it and demand for answers- unless he has no recollection of it- but that’s not the point. *SIGHS* I have been told the Light Novel explained the whole scene better- and I am damn sure it did. It just makes it a shame that the anime couldn’t do that. I don’t expect them to give us answers right away, but I do expect them to follow up and drop us bits of hints. Since it looks like Shido will get up experiencing a “BAD END” again next week, hopefully- just HOPEFULLY they at least drop us hints and bits of explanations- that’s all I am asking for.
DATE A LIVE Ep 4 Img 0029On the otherhand though, they explained to us why last week’s kiss dis-armored Tohka and all. When one draws a spirit to them and gives them a kiss, they can seal the Spirit’s powers. They found this out through some analyses done by Ratatoskr. Reine gives Shido a heads up that when Tohka becomes mentally unstable, her powers will return so it is important to keep her happy by staying by her side. However while this early int he game, the whole dating strategy quickly backfired today- something I figured would happen at some point or another, only I imagined the results being more dramatic and on a bigger scale. Tohka surprised me by how she was able to keep her anger in check and her reaction turned out to be more of a comedic skit after she had witnessed that accidental kiss between Yoshinon and Shido. While the two did have a lip-lock, it didn’t seal her powers- or actually even if it had- because of her unstable mental state (triggered by Tohka taking her puppet away from her) brought forth her powers and had summoned Angel (a giant rabbit).
DATE A LIVE Ep 4 Img 0022This Spirit Yoshinon, code name: The Hermit has very quiet, docile nature. She is absolutely adorable, I ADORE her rabbit hoodie, it’s just too cute. She is very nervous/shy around humans and would usually let her puppet do the talking, but she does speak out with her own voice at times. Shido was really lucky that Yoshinon found it hilarious by how stupid he acted by going along with the selected line of, “Ha! I don’t know what you mean. I’m just a free-willed wanderer.” (which was admittedly hilarious, especially since he got into it and struck that stupid pose of flipping his bangs). However if someone identifies her separately from her physical body and her puppet- she will destroy you (because it is offensive to her because she and the puppet are probably one and the same soul, perhaps a split or dual personality). Shido was VERY LUCKY to have a quick recovery to cool her down.
Kotori had Shido continue his training to learn how to keep cool and not get all flustered when he sees a girl naked or embarrassment. I found it really amusing that Shido was able to get the better of his sister by baiting her with the bath bomb. It just shows that he certainly has some cards up his sleeves if he ever wants to get back at his sister.
DATE A LIVE Ep 4 Img 0016Origami has recovered from her state of shock. She isn’t hunting down Tohka anymore, but she is still on the job for the AST. I was surprised to see that she really did take his word of asking her out (which was supposed to be only part of a practice drill) in episode 2. I think the fact that she was able to identify when and where Shido had bought his lunch container only strengthens the impression that she either stalks him or tends to observe from afar every now and then like we had seen in episode 1. I wonder what her reaction will be this time, now that she is probably going to see Shido and Tohka at the scene where this episode just ended at- unless of course she receives orders to pursue Yoshinon.


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