“You’re the only one left.”



We’re diving straight into the Sisters Arc this week, wasting no time at all – that beginning scene gave us a glimpse into how Misaka (who I thought was actually Last Order for a minute there) originally gave her consent to have the Sisters cloned from her DNA map. She didn’t understand the true implications of everything at the time; it was despicable how the doctors told her it’d help to “advance” medical technology, enticing her sympathy by showing her a guy going through rehabilitation so that she’d cooperate from a young age.

P476Chances are, new character Nunotaba Shinobu was probably involved in the creation of the Sisters as well, what with how she appears in the OP alongside baby Misaka, and referring to the grown-up Misaka as “the original”. That’s definitely the knowledge of an insider – compared to the vague old rumours about cloning projects of Level 5 espers (imagine if someone decided to mass-clone 10,000 copies of Shokuhou Misaki instead) Shinobu knew enough about the Level 6 Shift to call out Misaka for who she was. From the way she handled those Skill-Out thugs, I doubt she’s an esper – or if she is, she’s decided to hide her ability for whatever reason. Either way, Shinobu managed to play it cool to the point that she managed to freak out the thugs instead of the other way round, only with anaesthetic needles and a cold expression. Whether it’s real or not, it’s easy to see why the Skill-Outs were freaked out by her “Critical” – once she touches someone, she can kill them at any time she wants.

P558Shinobu was also revealed to be the person running around Academy City, dropping money cards everywhere with a set amount of credit.  All of them were inside envelopes placed in random dark alleyways, which led to this hilarious game of treasure hunters traversing popular alleyways sniffing out money, sometimes literally (looking at you Saten-san!) With some people not being pious, honest citizens and using the money for themselves (as it’s 100% legal :D) there are unreported cases and thus even more envelopes placed by Shinobu. It’s beyond me why she’d want to do something like that – as she’s still a student, where’s she getting all that money from? Why is she distributing it to the public? And does it have anything to do with the Sisters, who Saten refers to as “another Misaka” in front of Seventh Mist? Perhaps the money is meant for the Sisters…but then again, it doesn’t make much sense if they’re going to be systematically killed by Accelerator anyway.

PS. Kuroko’s so dedicated with her onee-sama voice collection…never change xD