DATE A LIVE Ep 6 Img 0026

Well I can tell you one thing for sure, I was relieved and pleased to see this wasn’t what I thought was going to be a fanservice episode (something I was dreading). I liked seeing the humorous side of the AST, and at this point- seeing how comedic it was, it shows that they aren’t really that significant- or so it seems. The only thing we have figure out if whether the person who had ordered Origami to shoot Tohka back in episode 3 is important or not.
Considering what it could have been, while yes I did enjoy it, I didn’t particularly care about it. To be honest, lets face it- it was much like a filler episode. I am actually thankful that they focused more on the AST Captain and Origami more than Shido and his gang because oh my goodness- with the little screentime Tohka had today, just drove me, INSANE. I CANNOT STAND CHARACTERS LIKE HER. Stupid whiny childlike temper-tantrums, I can’t stand it. It annoys the hell out of me. In fact when I look at Shido’s and Tohka’s relationship I don’t feel any chemistry or romantic vibes except for the ooze of the cheesiness. Actually to be more accurate, with how Shido has to manage Tohka’s fits and all, I see them more as a sibling relationship than a what could potentially a couple because Shido is literally doing his role as the older brother.
Poor Yoshinon was sent flying off again, only ended up losing his head by the time they arrived to their destination. Yoshino of course was horrified and ruined the AST troop trip by freezing the hot springs. In the end, it seems only Shiro and the gang was able to go to another hot spring thanks to Kyouhei having dug up one.
Finally last but not least, can we all take a moment to appreciate the AST’s Captain? Although she is actually almost a minor character, she is so awesome! I loved seeing this fierce determined side of her as she craves for that long awaited vacation that she needed so badly. Her and Origami tag teaming and their motives to getting around the obstacles was hilarious.
That’s about it, there’s no plot development in this episode- HOWEVER NEXT WEEK, ohohohohohoh! Things are about to take a dark turn as a new character, the dark and evil one it seems it going to debut. I look forward to it!


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