Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 79 -  (27)“How are you and I different?”


Kite’s party arrived at NGL after a long trip and learned that there are other people who had taken interest into the place too while Pokkle’s group encountered their first greeting with the chimera ants that aims to kill humans.


Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 79 -  (4)
I smell romance!

Come to think of it, they were operating on the Queen’s orders without anything to call themselves except ‘you’? Isn’t that a bit hard to do? Or is it because I am used to be called by my name that I see it hard to do? LOL It was actually hard for me to review the previous episodes of this arc because I don’t know what to really call the advanced chimera ants. XD It’s true that somewhere like NGL – where nature is at its best – is a good place to hide other species people are experimenting on or a good place to research new species if you’re into discovering some – like Pokkle/Pokle who’s a Magical Beast Hunter, interested on the giant ant mentioned. I am really interested on living there for a week and see if I can hold on into my hunger-for-internet disease. Wait, I think I am free to ship Pokle and Ponzu, right? But too bad this dream couple of mine is not gonna… well, yeah. LOL I mean, just look at how Ponzu smiles while listening to his aim on coming to NGL! I smell romance!

This episode covered much about the Chimera Ants’ army and how they dealt with the Army of the said “King”. And obviously, in addition to the weird character designs of minor characters, I bet Yoshihiro Togashi enjoyed doing all the designs of the different chimera ants. I’m just touched that even though Colt is a chimera ant resulted from a synthesized chimera ant and human cells, he still holds great honor on his side. Just look at how he managed to ignore the life of his human side’s mother when they were targeting a village and when he doesn’t want any children to be captured or be eaten.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 79 -  (20)
Please tell me I am not the only one who’s getting tired seeing both Gon and Killua on their trade mark color clothes.

I did expect that machines and other technology-related stuff is not allowed in NGL but even plastic, glass and other stuff that are not created naturally is also prohibited? How can Lin do his assignments without his glasses and how can I like Spinner without her gum?! And dude, they will extract any other unnatural elements inside your body if you want to enter their country! Scary! I don’t know what they have against inorganic materials but isn’t this just taking their rules a little bit too far? So if ever I have aluminum placed on my teeth, I’m forced to remove it in order for me to enter the place? Okay, plan canceled. I will not go to the NGL-like country if ever reality has one with these kinds of rules. I love my broken teeth and as much as I love the aluminum place onto it. At least, their clothes didn’t changed that much. I mean, eh? Killua and Gon still wear their signature color after buying some natural clothing from their division shop? This is just too much of a coincidence. I’d be happier if they wear something of a different color next time.

It’s really obvious that in a country where the only means of transportation are by foot or by horse; they’d go right ahead renting some, right? I’m a genius! Not. But Killua, dude, you’re awesome riding one. And don’t you dare underestimate Kite’s gut feeling – you might die.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 79 -  (41)
BEHOLD! Nothing. LOL

So I guess, more war against the chimera ants to come! Yay!

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  1. higgsbosoff

    I don’t think this is much about shipping… from how I see it, Pokkle and Ponzu are presented as an already established couple. Otherwise, why would they be together to begin with, and why would they be so openly attached to each other (Pokkle being protective and asking Ponzu not to come to NGL, Ponzu being proud of Pokkle and giving that hug on horseback)? I like this detail because it humanizes them, without however unnecessarily shifting the focus to romance – which is certainly not the point here.
    Also, I am unbearably excited for what’s to come in two or three episodes from now.

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