Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 82 -  (34)

“The nest is close.” – Kite


Kite’s party was able to locate the abandoned factory by the underground men and the leader of NGL. They found themselves caught up on a three on three fights against Yunju’s group of chimera ants which resulted for a good three fights. In these fights, we get to see more techniques from our heroes, a little explanation of how Kite’s weapon slot works and how Rammot can be a danger to the human race.


Now, the NGL is not so perfect of a nature-oriented place a swell and worse: the NGL leaders themselves are the one that are violating the rules of its own country. Just see that personification of this show to the real world? I’m not saying that the real world’s government is somewhat like the NGL too but somehow, in some way, I see at that. This is not general though but this is my own opinion based on what I have observed in our country (please don’t kill me). I should also mention how I do not like seeing Gon’s muscles. LOL I don’t know why.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 82 -  (9)
I can’t help but to pity them.

45 meters is long, right? Considering how many steps one could take in order to finish one 45 meters (and can extend more), it is long and Kite can sense people in that distance and can tell a lot of things based on just sensing their presence. I’m not sure if this includes the ability of the Chimera Ants that they can hide their own presence just like what Rammot did from the previous episode that took the three heroes by surprise. It’s a good thing that the next fight is a three on three. I can’t imagine how things will be if our three heroes gets outnumbered just on the first serious fight they have against the Chimera Ant. Of course, our dear writer won’t even let them face the enemy with an uneven number, right?

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 82 -  (14)
What’s with the mask, missy? Hole too large enough? XD

I don’t understand how Gon can manage to block an attack from a chimera that has more than six arms or is it because that chimera doesn’t even attack Gon using all of his hands in one blow. It might be very hard to push all hands at once but it could be more effective towards someone who has two hands. You know that thing most people say to use what you have as an advantage against your opponent. And please, dear, Madhouse, don’t ruin the animation of this show after so many episodes and after that ass kicking movie that you just released! I do not like seeing Gon all muscled up and in derpy shots. I simply do not. And this applies to all characters even to those who have weird character designs already. Weird character designs + derpy animation = derpy show. Believe me. And Killua’s opponent. Girl, why is it that you have this mask on? It makes you look weirder. And she really reminds me of a character from Dragonballs Z because of those weird tentacles she’s having. Yes, I am referring to Cell. It’s good to see Killua’s assassin side once again. I mean, he did say he quit being one but still, his character already evolved around being a kid of an assassin family, inheriting the skills of an assassin and fight like an assassin with a touch of Nen and his other learned abilities after. Oh, I miss that poison joke, seriously.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 82 -  (1)

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 82 -  (26)Rammot seems to be a very dangerous one this time. His because of his thoughts for vengeance and for an animal ability to adapt to their surroundings quickly, the attack he received from our two young boys might have caused his body to ‘read’ the attack and might be able to get information from the attack on how to use Nen. I guess this will be something like… learned from experience unlike for our two kid heroes who learned from their teacher, Wing, and from their hard training with Bisky. Since a chimera ant has the abilities of both an animal and human agility, it might have been two times easier for them to learn about Nen than a normal human being (I really can’t consider Gon and Killua and the other hunters as normal human being since they are specially selected to become hunters but… yeah). Noting that Rammot is just a lower ranked soldier from the chimera ant army, if ever our heroes displays more of their abilities to the enemies and fails to kill them in the process, they might be in danger for giving them a chance to learn more about Nen and make use of them as a weapon against them – and worse: to make use of them as a weapon to take over the world.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 82 -  (36)Wow. The intelligence level of the chimera ant sure is high. They can even do a mental simulation of what’s going to happen next just like Sherlock Holmes (starred by Downy Jr.) did. And I just can’t help to always say that Kite is sexy whenever he fights or even do anything! That CLAMP-ish figure does the trick. But this doesn’t mean I have a fetish over long character designs (although I cannot deny that CLAMP’s work, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic have the most awesome character designs and illustrations ever, imo). Kite’s fight was too short. Well, not that it was too short when compared to Killua’s but Gon took his baby steps during his fight with the 16-armed chimera ant – who pretends to be Holmes.

Gon’s attack this time didn’t limit to using ‘rock’. It’s the first time to be revealed his ‘scissors’ attack. But to be honest, his attacks needs better names in the future or he needs not to recite the Janken incantation whenever he does. Plus, Kite’s #4 weapon has a reaaaaallllyyy looooonnnggg – what do you call that part of the gun again? IDK but it’s really long. Makes him look sexier.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 82 -  (37)
I am very curious as well.

And it seems the next fight will again be three on three.

Damn, I miss Hisoka.

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  1. Salce

    Rammot was “baptized”, like the cripples in Heavens Arena.

    When somebody is attacked with nen and survives, he awakes nen. Now Rammot can attack the other ants and baptize them too. Shit got real.

    1. Linzz

      Isn’t that also the same with the ability of the body to adapt to its changes and surroundings? You know, like those that if one wears heels for the first time, it’ll hurt but the next day, it’ll hurt less and less until one can get used to it. LOL

      I dunno if that applies with Nen. That’s how I understood being “baptized with Nen” anyway. XD

  2. il-Palazzo

    “what do you call that part of the gun again? “…

    I believe it’s called the butt, as in “Hit him with the butt of your gun”.

    1. Linzz

      I did a small research and I believe it is called a “stock”. The “butt” is somewhere around that clown head – or the clown head is the butt of the gun.

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