Hunter x Hunter Episode 85 -  (26)

“If there were a solution that would avoid a fight, I’d choose it.” – Chairman Netero


Chimera Ants have gained more knowledge about Nen and how its nature is through Pockle. And this time, Kite, Gon and Killua got the chance to confront with one of the Chimera Ant Queen’s Royal Guards, Niferpitou and as Kite sensed it, she is a dangerous opponent which causes Kite’s death. Gon and Killua were saved by Kite’s fight against the Royal Guard which resulted for the two kids to meet the Chairman and with two other men who are with him.

Chairman Netero told Killua that in order for them to defeat the Chimera Ants; they must fulfill the condition that was left to them: defeat the two assassins which he left in the nearest town within a month. With this, they both have Palm and Bisky to train them every day in order to get into a level which can defeat Knuckle and Shoots then have their tickets into NGL once more.

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Sorry but I decided to review Hunter x Hunter 2011 episodes 85 and 86 altogether since I had a hard time composing a review with a minimum of 300 words for discussion concerning the previous episodes. Actually, this applies to the recent episodes of the show since I don’t get to discuss a lot of things and why? Because all there’s ever been were explanation and recalls about Nen, etc. Of course, since the chimera ants are learning about Nen and investigating about the mysterious power and about the rare humans they are referring to. And one more thing: Kite. He’s definitely getting all the action in every episode leaving our two children, Gon and Killua behind. Let me get this straight. Kite’s death from the previous episode was a good thing. Why?

Hunter x Hunter Episode 85 -  (9)
This was an obvious death flag, isn’t it?

Kite’s more worried about his team rather than Gon and Killua. He’s more into his research rather than companying Gon as a small favor for Ging (since Ging did set Gon to meet him). He just set his death flag by giving over Ging’s hunter’s license and saying that it should be Gon who will give Ging the license after meeting him and of course, this gives out heroes more room for development since Kite did mention he’s not going to train both Gon and Killua by some hypothetical reason that I have come up with: it’s rather a bad timing. Although I am quite sad that Kite got killed even before we could see all of his slot weapons. I was looking forward to it to especially if his slot machine can relate the actual situation in rolling for the weapons. For example, when Kite got one of his arm cut off, the weapon that came out of the slot machine was a one-handed weapon unlike the other weapons that was shown previously that requires a little of two hands together. Well, it’s not like I can get an answer to that anyway.

Hunter x Hunter Episode 85 -  (36)
I hated how this photo became so viral over my facebook newsfeed before I could even watch the episode last week.

It could have been nice if the fight between Kite and Niferpitou was shown. I mean, Nifer became so obsessed about their fight!

Hunter x Hunter Episode 85 -  (26)Another exciting thing that happened from episode 85 was the appearance of the Chairman, Netero, and two of his men in order to fight against the Chimera Ants as reported. Of course, due to some psychological stress, Killua’s been struggling by himself on how to accept that he’s weak against the chimera ants and it is close to impossible when it comes to defeating them. Good thing is that the Chairman is more than willing to help them out by training them under pointing them out to two assassins as targets.

Well, isn’t Palm an interesting girl? That creepiness (which is something not new in Hunter x Hunter anyway) is just adorable and to think that this creep is Knov’s student who would willingly invite strangers that was introduced by someone else for tea is just… interesting. She obviously got a little obsession with Knov and well, sugar? Also a… tsundere, is it? And yeah… the conversation started from the condition that Chairman Netero set for both Gon and Killua towards the topic of “love”. Oh how relaxing this episode it and that humor is actually pretty good for a little pause from the too much action. At first, I actually thought Palm was one of the assassins that our two boys are going to fight against but I guess it’s not. Knuckle and Shoot are pretty interesting names too.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 86 -  (5)
I’m actually liking this girl. D8

Yup the other two weird characters are interesting alright. Just look at that fashion sense! That alone is proof that they are both interesting characters and without a doubt, will serve as a good entertainment to the viewers on the one-month length of training that has been given to Gon and Killua as a condition. Defeating these enemies without knowing anything about the other party’s abilities is pretty hard especially if we put the chimera ants as their nemesis in the picture. Gon is right about the strategy and it can help them decide during their fight against the chimera ants, of course.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 86 -  (15)Of course, one think I am looking forward toward episode 86 was Bisky’s appearance once again. I can’t believe it. I miss this girl so much! And she’s now back with a new hairstyle that made her look younger than ever! This is also the first time we get to see Cookie-chan in action, isn’t it? I remember correctly that she was only introduced during the last few episodes of Greed Island Arc back then but wasn’t able to perform any techniques up until now.

Man, Queen’s Royal Guards’ names are… really hard to even pronounce! LOL Hilarious to the ears as well. I cannot imagine the King’s name with this in mind. I simply cannot. And oh! A male butterfly?! He must be gay. OTL Even the name sounds gay.

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  1. TheVoid

    If I recall the Royal Guards names are a mix of a Egyptian deities name and a character from a French Book. Don’t remember what the book is though. I think it’s quite a surprise that even the Chairman believes that Pitou is stronger than him.

    1. Linzz

      Since Chairman is also right into being old too. LOL

  2. neetchama

    I thought not showing the fight between pitou and kite helped make the final scene even more riveting though — nothing makes a good plot twist like extreme shock value!

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