Karneval Episode 13 END -  (40)

“It could be that Nai’s existence attracts the inevitable to happen.” – Hirato


The direct confrontation against Kafka continues and this time, after Nai opened a mysterious gate. And… well, see the episode for yourself? LOL


First things first: That crying Gareki was totally unexpected. Not in a way that I do not expect him to be emotional on how useless or how of a burden he is on Yogi but for him to say those words with matching tears was totally off my prediction hook. Since Gareki’s forte is not really into combat but instead in mechanics, it is rather understandable that he’ll be a burden on the actual situation where he lacks equipments to do his thing. Of course, with a little training on battles added by Circus’ weapons (noting that he might be a candidate for Second Ship’s Fighter), he can overcome such weakness in a flash.

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Oh please… that line makes a lot of fangirls go crazy.

You can never judge someone so easily. That’s what Azana’s character told me in this show. He seriously played the best role as one of the antagonist and did it better than I can imagine. To think that such a twist existed and I thought he only had a small mind breakdown. I guess geniuses are prone to mind breakdowns, right? Yes, he did have one. With everything lost and one thing he cannot gain that someone else already has can add a lot of pressure to one’s personality that changes well to evil vibes. Greif and Envy altogether is something not good for the health, I assure you. I guess this only means that Azana longed for a mind like Akari that made him turned into a madman. I remembered Batman and his arch nemesis. LOL

I would like to mention how Uro’s Varuga pets look gory and hentai-ish. That slimy thing is not too good to my eyes especially what happened on Suisei no Gargantia’s Whalesquid war. And I would also like to point out how cool Jiki is with a whip. It couls have been better if he is wearing his glasses then he’ll be even hotter.

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I was seriously silently cheering “THROW NAI ALREADY”. LOL

So Nai, you finally found Karoku. So… what are you gonna do next? Well, isn’t that nice? It’s like an emotional reunion of a child with his mother after the longest time of separation. How lovely. But fuck that shit I am so confused! Who replaced the Karoku that Nai so knows? What does he want from Nai that he wanted to take Nai with him so bad? What did the real Karoku said towards this imbecile about Nai that made him go that far just to have the kid with him? Why does he hate Gareki anyway? How the hell he “became” Karoku with the same face and body (?)? At least, the fake Karoku (to be labeled as F!Karoku by me) has a big heart that would let Nai play some more. Okay, wasn’t that nice of him? No, I do not like him one bit.

Dear Gareki, you, being so honest is just so adorable. I couldn’t blame Hirato for taking a liking into you because of it. And lucky you are, Gareki. Hirato as your father? Man, I love that thought! But oh my gosh! That truth behind Circus is… oh goodness. Circus’ membership kind of reminded me of Code: Breaker. Members of Code: Breaker also has families in real life but their connection with their families has been cut between them. Sometimes, they call themselves as ‘people who doesn’t exist’. So I guess Circus is almost the same as that.

For this show’s last episode, I didn’t really expect it to be this emotional. I guess considering how limited the people in Circus are, like Yogi, it couldn’t be helped to be sad about Gareki leaving but that was a totally hilarious ending. XD

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Oh just kiss already!

PS: Did you know that I am so addicted to this show’s ending song?

Overall Review

Story/Plot: 7/10

Quite creative, in a way but because of too much creativeness it became too confusing to the viewers. I got confused on so many things about this show and considering how the manga is already going for many volumes already and the anime adaptation only had a length of 13 episodes, I guess it’s pretty much expected that I won’t be that satisfied when it comes to the explanation I need on some instances about this show. But one thing I like about this show’s plot is that the plot made every character of this show deserve the loves the fans gives. Of course, there are some characters that lacked attention like Iva and Tsukitachi (oh yes, I would love to see more of Tsukitachi). Not to mention the whole details about the Ship incident that Hirato and Tsukitachi are talking about where Gareki was a survivor. But none the less, I enjoyed the show because of the ever-creative plot it had.

Characters/Character Development: 7/10

It’s actually rare to see a series with 13 episodes and has a lot of characters but was given good highlight during the whole premiere. Although it was quite noticeable that the main attraction of this series was Yogi and Gareki. No offense but instead of Nai and Kroku’s story, it became Yogi’s and Gareki’s. LOL But I’m still happy that I was able to see the characters in action. It was good. Not to mention that the character designs are pretty well made.

Animation/Quality: 8.5/10

I could have scored this perfectly if episode 11 didn’t fail with quality. The action was less than expected but the use of bright colors and good animation really did the trick. Since “Karneval” is like “Carnival”, the use of bright colors and good sceneries for this show was totally the perfect thing to do. Of course, like any other anime out there, this show also had a lot of derpy shots but these shots are something you can always ignore. Although I didn’t feel much thrill with the directing but they did a good job overall.

Soundtrack/SFX: 7.5/10

Really effective. Episode one had done its job well because Eva totally was affected by it and so was me. I love how they used SFXs so well in this show. I’m not a fan of how they did the scoring for the series on its background music but I am totally digging up for the ending song very much. I have been addicted to it since I first heard it.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

This is a very entertaining show. It had a lot of fanservice for the gals but had a good enough action into it. Although this is not a rather must-watch series but has a very interesting plot that can make one go on.

Recommended? Yes.

It won’t hurt watching Karneval and plus, it has 13 episodes only and plus, it’s an entertaining show too if you’re into hot guys.

Second Season?

If there is one, I’ll be happy.