Bros Conflict 9

Where to begin??? So much that I want to mention but I don’t want this to be an endless ramble so I’ll keep things as short as possible. First off, let me say that when I saw Brother’s Conflict, I was actually excited to watch it – though sketchy since I harbor reminders of how much of a letdown Amnesia was. But Brother’s Conflict is off to a good start.  A REALLY GOOD START.

It has a visual novel kind of opening, and I kind of appreciated that intro. Ema is moving in with her eleven brothers because her mother moved with her dad, who was transferred because of his job (the usual), so she has to live with her ten older brothers – Wataru is excluded because he’s just a munchkin.

I really think this is a girl...
I really thought he was a girl…

Ema has got some really interesting parents; leaving her to live with ten, VERY SEXY bishies while they are away. That level of trust is only realistic in anime…Anyway, the only one who seems concerned about this sibling-household setup is Juli, a talking rabbit-chipmunk that only Ema can understand. Reminds me a little of Orion with Shujinko in Amnesia.


Juli warns her that they are “a pack of wolves” and seems the only one with a responsible kind of mentality approaching this situation. The fact that she hasn’t lived with these guys only makes it even more awkward to accept the fact their siblings. It’s a reality that doesn’t even matter; kind of holds no meaning when they aren’t even living in the same space for that fact to cement. THEREFORE IT IS IRRELEVANT AND EMA YOU ARE FREE TO BE WITH ANYONE YOU WANT!! My first pick being Kaname. So please choose him.

Kaname you sexy beast
Kaname you sexy beast

What makes things even more complicated is that everyone likes her. And all of them are HOT! I don’t understand it; it was too much – living vicariously through her. Had this whole concept of nosebleeds been real, I’d have knocked out on my bed surrounded by a pool of blood from all the sexiness that happened in this single episode. It was too much for my brain.

And then awkward things like this happen.

Oh Lawd...
Oh Lawd…

Well Ema is getting settled in quite nicely. Were it I, who was in such a situation I’d have reached out…and locked that door…No I tell lies, ohohoho.

Ema has her variety cut out for her though. From a lawyer, to a paediatrician, to pop singers, the twins, the Tsundere, Kuudere, Dandere….hopefully there is no Yandere in this mix (but I honestly doubt there’ll be too much possessiveness going on in this one. Just a competition to see who will win Ema. I just love reverse-harems).

Bros conflict 4

From left to right there’s: Azusa, Tsubaki and Subaru. Azusa is best guy here!

Bros conflict 5

Left to right again: Yusuke, Iori and Ukyo (he’s the lawyer). I don’t know who’s best guy here…although I’m leaning to Yusuke…

So overall thoughts! This episode wasn’t too bad – it was a meet and greet; get comfortable with everyone kind of episode. There was humor and I can’t help but draw comparisons with Amnesia since that was my first Otome adaptation anime…but there are only contrasts. First off, Ema has a lot more life and isn’t dull as Shujinko was, she’s more emotionally in tune – so I don’t understand why I see persons saying that she’s lifeless. The bishies each have a personality – so far – and aren’t boring, they just have their own kind of charm to them. And as much as I don’t want Ema to be rotating among the brothers, I just want to see what her chemistry is like with them all. And I won’t be satisfied until then!

The art wasn’t too bad, it kind of reminds of the older anime art style; like Inuyasha (the 90’s anime) but it’s still got a refined quality to it; so it isn’t too bad and it doesn’t take away from anything that’s going on either.

Right now I care nothing for the OP/ED theme songs. They’re okay.

But that aside, I’ll most DEFINITELY keep watching this and blogging about it.

Bros Conflict 8

Everything is beautiful…