“…I want to go home already.” 



We’re four days into the season, and here’s the first series out of the wellspring of anime that is Thursday – Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku. With quite a lot of other shows featuring cute girls doing cute things, how does this fare in comparison?

P715I have to admit, I originally didn’t intend to blog (or watch) this at all, until I took a closer look at the synopsis. School clubs have always played a big part in anime – in Japan they seem to attend clubs on a daily basis after school, as well as during holidays. It seems like a much larger commitment in comparison to their Western counterparts. For someone like Nattsun Andou Natsuki, there’s no better club than the Go-Home Club – essentially, she’s going to go home immediately after school, and not join any club at all. Except…the Go-Home Club actually exists in this high school, and it’s run by these crazy, crazy senpai. Truly, they’re crazy to the point that one wonders whether the show’s title abbreviates to KKK on purpose. Worrying, isn’t it?

Pic722Comedies can vary – they make you laugh for different reasons, and the worth of a comedy is basically decided upon how funny an episode is (and whether they can keep being entertaining). I believe KKK runs on absurdity – all these gags are so ridiculous that you just randomly start laughing. From the constant seal theme (wow that was random) to Botan-chan’s “Bear Tour”, you quickly get the feel that perhaps these people aren’t as sane as they appear to be. Nattsun’s endless tsukkomi-ing as the resident straight man (and easily the sanest one of them all) counters everyone else’s hilarity really well! Her giant ahoge’s as active as a certain Araragi-kun’s too 😀 There were several times when I genuinely had to ask myself “why the hell am I watching this show?” Feeding pigeons – fine. Buying ice-cream – fine. Fighting brown bears – wait, what? And there was a whole bear conspiracy too…

As for the technicalities – it’s got good art. It was better than I’d expected actually, given the kind of budget this show must have. For the sake of comparison, I don’t think it’s as strong as last season’s Yuyushiki was, which managed to stay consistent all throughout its run. While KKK might be hilarious now, it’ll have to maintain things for the entire season, which it might struggle with in the future – it’s amusing now because it’s intriguing and different, but people get tired of it quickly if it’s constantly repeated. Either way, I doubt I’ll be blogging it long-term, as I have my eye set on C3-bu or Love Lab, whenever they turn up. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this sentiment:

Karin: “…They were sold out of erasers…”
Claire: “Let’s go buy you a stationery store later!”

Possibility of Watching: Moderate
Possibility of Blogging: Low