Bros Conflict S1

The novelty of Brothers Conflict has worn off a bit (meaning seeing these beautiful faces). Personally, I was turned off from a line one of the brothers used in the intro; it was just one of those generic romantic lines that I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. (Shame on you!….whoever said it!)

This episode was good (fangasms occurred!!! But I’ll get to that in a bit). Ema is still getting used to being surrounded by so many men siblings. She reiterates how she’s happy to finally have a family, siblings who she can share her space with and have fun with. It was Subaru’s birthday in this episode and she helped out by making him a cake.

Aww, why you so cute Subaru? I just remembered Subaru is car
Aww, why you so cute Subaru? I just remembered Subaru is a car…

Yusuke is a bit of a Tsundere (I already noted this in the first episode) but it’s just his defense against Ema’s easy charm. He’s probably the only one really conflicted about the immortality of liking his sister but the way I see it…she’s not REALLY his sister wink wink. But I won’t try to corrupt Yusuke with my decadent perspective.

Why is your book upside down Yusuke?
Am I the only one seeing something wrong with this picture? xD

It was all he could think about during class, which caused him to yell out that “he won’t lose.” and embarrass himself in the class. So, that makes it clear that he’s going to push aside all those conflicting thoughts and fight for her affection.

This episode also introduced Asakura Fuuto – the pop singer sensation.

Bros Conflict S4


Who is as conceited as he is beautiful. Well, I don’t really think he is but his behavior towards Ema is very haughty and Tsundere-like. He calls her an idiot and basically belittles her; and she cries in her room (not literally but Juli mentions that it made her sad). He’s a flirt and tease though; showing two sides of his personality when it comes to Ema. He likes her.

In the second half of the episode, the brothers discuss Ema during the after-celebration of Subaru’s birthday (he’s now twenty). Kaname doesn’t put it too subtly that Subaru’s indifference to her comes from an “illness” that they are suffering because of her. Ema seemed a bit dense in understanding this – but her blush kinda makes me think she actually knows what’s happening beneath the surface (she wants all that fluff anyway).

When she leaves the room, Tsubaki teases Subaru about his feelings for her. He basically responds that those feelings are absurd and she’s a nuisance. Apparently he had too much to drink – as is the excuse. He noticed that she had overheard and came to her room to apologize.

Then he had the most unusual trip accident and fell on top of her. And kissed her.

This has got to be the most retarded kiss I have ever witnessed.
This has got to be the most retarded kiss I have ever witnessed.

I laughed so hard, but still the fangasm happened. Oh, and he knocked out right after. Real smooth, Subaru…


That was Asahina’s threat to Ema after she almost blew his cover while he was out trying to borrow some DvDs at a store for his work. Have any of you read that manga, Love Monster, where Kurou made the threat to punish Hiyo if she ever tried to leave the tower…and did? (HURR HURR!!). But that image that came to mind ended when Fuuto clarified what he’d focus on during the punishment. Her hair. Fuuto, do you have a hair fetish?

This episode wasn’t bad, I have my criticisms but I’m waiting for more to happen. I don’t want to start pointing out the bad things so early in the anime. It’s just at the second episode, I’ll give it two more before I decide to make mention of the bad that’s going on here.

Otherwise, I think the only brothers who are actually serious about pursuing a relationship with Ema are Yusuke, Subaru and Asahine. Kaname seems interested, but at the same time, it just seems as if he’s showing interest as a means of entertaining himself. He doesn’t seem particularly interested on a serious level.