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First Impression:
Gin no Saji surprised me by starting off on a mellow note, but did it’s job of explaining what we’ll be seeing for most part. There’s no preview, so there’s no telling how the next episode will play out. I have only read a few chapters of the manga when it had first came out, but I haven’t touched it since because I forgot about it (this happens all the time).
Gin no Saji Ep 1 Img 0020The protagonist Hachiken Yugo is a city boy who decided to attend this agricultural school because it was a boarding school and the only one in his  class who wasn’t raised on the farm and is a complete noob to this stuff. While he does have the brains and is enthusiastic to study, with all the physical labor (practical lessons) involved and unfamiliar terminology that we don’t learn in general education his strong point is for most part useless. It will definitely be an interesting journey to how he adapts to the agriculture life and whether he will eventually become passionate about it. His reaction to the chicken egg ordeal was pretty funny, as it took him an entire episode to finally eat it and discover how delicious it is.
Until he graduates, he has been teamed up with four other classmates, Aikawa Shinnosuke, Inada Tamako, Komaba Ichiro, Tokiwa Keiji. We didn’t learn too much about them since it was mostly focused on Hachiken, but they are a bunch of interesting characters so I look forward to learning a bit more about them.
I felt that A-1 Pictures did a great job with the animation, especially the CG- I only noticed it when I was doing the screencaps- so major props to them for blending it so well into the background.. The OP sequence was so-so, cute with the dance and all but the song was a bit lame. The ED on the other hand I liked the transition of the season and the time of the day, as for the song it was okay, but it’s not something I’m that interested in either.
Overall I would say it was a tad underwhelming and dull at times, but I still enjoyed the episode. Honestly I don’t know how I feel about this show yet, but it’s far too early to judge whether one would like this series especially with this episode that merely served as an introduction. That said, I know that this is a very different but I heard it is a good series (I mean it’s by the same creator of Full Metal Alchemist!!!! So it HAS to be good!), so I am going to make sure I watch three episodes to see where goes and find out whether this is a show that I will be able to blog.
Possibility of Blogging: Moderate
Possibility of Watching: High


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