Brothers Conflict A1

I really love this frame and Ema is so ready…

Not much really happened in this episode, excepting the last two brothers’ introductions and the wedding celebration. Now Ema has met all her brothers (two of whom will not be living with her and the rest of the guys) and is wondering if she can handle her horniness really live with all of them as siblings. Probably she hasn’t mentally prepared herself enough for this new living arrangement, but I’m sure each brother will make her VERY comfortable.

The episode picked up with her and Futo going inside his room and they…watch a movie together. I hope that wasn’t the punishment. Futo was tired of Juli’s cock-blocking chattering, so he told Ema to put him away. And she put him in a bag. For shame, Ema! I don’t want to read too much into this because maybe she acted out of pure innocence and sheer consideration for Futo’s feelings. But stuffing Juli in a bag is not acceptable, she could have just let him out and locked the door. It would still be annoying to have him scratching at the door and screeching, just as much as it was while he was in the bag.

Then again, I think she had SOME clue that Futo was going to try something, because he made a pass at her not too long after she stuffed Juli away. So Futo, being so close to her, realized just how cute she was and asked her if he could call her “Sis” from now on then tried to kiss her.

Oh lawd, Ema...calm down...
Oh lawd, Ema…calm down…

Ema is too ready! No, I kid, she was trying to make him stop…”TRYING”. Conveniently, Yusuke came in then dragged Futo out the room. And I’m not sure if Ema’s sigh was one of relief or disappointment…

She saw the paper that Yusuke dropped and saw that it was some career counseling thing. But with the success that most of these brothers are having, I think the career counseling thing is pointless. We’ve got a lawyer, a pediatrician, a promising basketball player, the pop star, two potential actors (the twins), a salary man at a game company (introduced in this episode and his job isn’t as menial as it sounds), the hairdresser and god knows what else.

Yusuke has decided he wants to go to the same college as Ema; either because of jealousy that she chose the same college as Subaru or just because he wants to be close to her. But from the last episode, he already made up his mind that he’d compete for her love. Although honestly, the way I see it, Ema’s gonna go with the flow from whichever brother is showing an interest in her at that point. And that’s okay. I feel as if she’s not getting much else in her life anyway, so she’s allowed these flings (if they happen).

I think in this episode, it was her first time meeting her step-mom.

Brothers Conflict A5

She’s beautiful and Ema’s dad is very handsome. (I now understand why this couple doesn’t know the term “birth control”) She really knows how to keep her figure. But this is anime! Only here can a woman stay this thin after birthing THIRTEEN kids, or am I missing something here? Ema got a nice little makeover (unfortunately, I forgot to take a snapshot of that). And met the salary man after her little chat with her new mom – and she’s really nice.

Brothers Conflict A7

Natsume Asahina and he is actually one of the triplets – he’s fraternal but I still think he looks like them. The only thing is that his mole is on his chin. He was actually a bit rough with her at first when she entered the wedding hall but then all the brothers came in and cleared up that little misunderstanding. There also seems to be some beef between him and Subaru. But whatever the issue is, I’m sure that’ll be cleared up. He also seems to be a very considerate guy…and a loner – he lives alone.

Brothers Conflict A6

Such a cute family picture. Wataru is so cute!! With his big eyes. Do you see it? Something wrong with the picture? Yeah, I wish I could just photoshop him in a tux and change that godawful hair. And yes, he is a cross dresser but “very much a man” as put by Ukyo…although I have my doubts – a lot of doubts. BUT I WON’T JUDGE!

He is beautiful though
He is beautiful though

So we have Hikaru, the cross-dressing novelist (why is everybody so successful??). He came for the wedding and he seems to enjoy watching the brothers’ reactions towards Ema. I don’t think he has any intimate feelings towards her. I’m glad for that, because it’d be very weird.

And that was the episode! Oh, how could I forget. Ema caught the bouquet. OF COURSE SHE DID! So which brother is she going to marry or reach third base with? Who knows! Probably she won’t. Probably she’ll find some random guy at her college and forget about the brothers. No…that’s wishful thinking. No one else is interested in her anyway but that would be nice. For a nice little conflict because there’s nothing else really going on here. And since it’s all about romance, that’d expand on the content a little…

But staying within everything that’s going on, she’ll probably end up with Subaru, or Yusuke.

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    Or the triplets, since they focus on them more later on ;3 you’d be surprised how quickly subarus screentime lessens later on. I hope she ends up with Tsubaki though.
    “Can I make reservations?” <— that part killed me xD

    1. charlmeister

      Oh, you played the game? Tsubaki? He’s cute but I’d have to see more of him with her before I jot him down on the “Possibilities” list xD Awww 🙁 well it’s not surprising that Subaru won’t have much screen time later on, considering his entire route of pursuing professional basketball.

      1. ASDFGHJKL

        no i didnt play the game, i read the route review. I know because I read a summery on the novels >3< I think right now in the novel the closet ema is close to is the triplets, minding they do seem like the main guys. Tsubaki is also the only otaku of the family ;3
        Hmm, the next few episodes (it was episode 4 that was titled jealousy I think and affections afterwards.)
        I have a feeling the anime wont compare to the novel. The novel is really good, and im not the only one who thinks that :3

        the next few episodes (maybe 4 and 5 mainly) will be about the triplets i think. Im not certain.

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