“Because you’re a boy with a girly name?”

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Free! Episode 3 Img 0013Oh my god, this episode was just way too funny! I almost fell off my chair, just my goodness- Rei! He had it rough this episode. It turns out that despite having a girly name too, he can’t swim- at all. However despite no experience, he decided to officially join the Swimming Club after having been inspired by Haru’s beautiful form.
Rei is someone who is quite obsessed with logic and theory as well as his own beauty (but I don’t think it’s to the extent of narcissism- yet) and an absolute dork. He is only interested in beautiful sports, and wants to be able to use his calculative abilities to the fullest. It was incredibly hilarious when he epically failed that dive with the thoughts in mind of, “Could I do it too?”. At that very second we had no idea that Rei didn’t know how to swim, so the poor guy who was caught in the moment was pretty embarrassed to have to be fished out of the pool- not to mention having to wear a speedo! (Doesn’t look like he minds though since he is wearing another one next week at their own school pool, ahahahaha!)
Free! Episode 3 Img 0006Last week we saw the more artistic side that comes out of Haru when he is determined to advertise their club just so that he could swim. This week we saw him getting off his ass and actually going up to people asking them (very seriously) to join the Swimming Club. We also saw him for the first time voice his thoughts out loud, “One more… and I can swim all I want!” That taken us to a whole new level of how obsessed/passionate Haru is about water/swimming.
Nagisa had quite a bit of screen time this week thanks to persistently nagging Rei to join their club since in order to compete in the rely, they needed a 4th Swimmer. He is really a charming guy, optimistic, bubbly and of course- adorable.
Now that they have their fourth member, they will be able to take part of the Summer Tournament in hopes to gain an accomplishment to increase their club’s budget. However it’s going to be a tough one with Rei as an amateur swimmer. Regardless that, it’s definitely going to make this more interesting since I am pretty sure nobody was expecting him to be a noob to begin with.
And by the end of episode, I am sure that there’s undoubtly a wave of Nagisa x Rei shippers- and I think I am at the verge of becoming one myself. I mean- THEY ARE JUST TOO CUTE! Crap now that I think of it, ALL THE SHIPS IN THIS ARE TOO PRECIOUS. YOU KNOW WHAT, I AM JUST GONNA SHIP ALL SHIPS!
And finally last but not least: Ama-chan is absolutely flawless.
That is all.
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  1. Anonymous

    Nice review. I’m honestly surprised that Gou/Kou hasn’t gushed over Nagisa yet. Perhaps thats for the future, or that she doesn’t think much of him since they’re the same grade/age?

    1. Eva

      I’m pretty sure it’s because he keeps on calling her Gou instead of Kou XD

      1. Anonymous

        Yeah, true, there’s that. I’m betting in a future episode, somehow she acknowledges him. Also, I’m really hoping to find out Sensei’s past. There’s so much potential there.

  2. K-AL


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