Makai Ouji Episode 1 -  (20)

“There is nothing in this world that can’t be explained with a formula.” – William Twining


William Twining, a top student, an elite and a member of a high-ranked family name just got himself into some big trouble – and if I mean big trouble, as in “having no more money to support his schooling fees and will have a disgrace-able name afterwards because of his uncle’s fault and went home to be welcomed by nothing but an empty house”. And just a drop of the main character’s blood on a drawn floor in a secret passage of his house, more trouble comes along his life.


Start of the episode and guess what?! Manservice! Yay! coughs I mean, gosh do they really need to add that hugging scene in the first place? That was soooo out of place, I tell you but none the less, the first scene caught my attention, like, in an instant because of that manservice. And added with that bad of an ass opening song? Man, can action-comedy series this season gets any better?

Makai Ouji Episode 1 -  (2)
Just look at that!!!

Okay, first off, I have to clarify something. I, Linzz, decided to watch this show because I followed the manga beforehand and was really happy to see it having an anime adaptation. I like the series (not because of the BL hints – which can be found almost anywhere) because of its level of comedy and story combination – which is actually an A+ for me. I like comedic shounen a lot. Secondly, I am a fujoshi and yes, this is a good show for me. LMAO Also, let us add I like shows with a lot of cool guys in it and hopefully I won’t be disappointed with this adaptation. So to start with the first impression, I will state something about the animation. Makai Ouji (and so I will call it) has a so-so animation which is not that good and not that bad (well, except there are some derpy scenes but aren’t those normal?). And the animation just suits my taste – this includes color and the minimal paneling movement.

Makai Ouji Episode 1 -  (18)
That grin is a bad omen, Dantalion.

The characters. William Twining, the main protagonist with a realist personality that thinks about only the logical things around him and the world. He doesn’t believe God, devils, fairies, etc. exists. Actually, the main point of the comedy of this show will be the main character and his personality that doesn’t believe in anything that science couldn’t explain. He has a very composed nature and is sure about everything his mouth gives off. Added by how this show will go (of course, since the title contains “devils” in it), it is really obvious that it will be a fun run, right? Aside from him, being a realist, he is also a top student that almost everyone at his school envies. Although that big turnaround in his life manage to give him a chance to have a strange meeting with a Grand Duke from Hell, Dantalion – where he also learned later that he has the soul of Solomon which devils from Hell seeks for.

May it be a devil for a costume party; he’ll find a way to explain things his own way.

Makai Ouji Episode 1 -  (32)Dantalion, the Grand Duke of 36 Armies of Hell is our other protagonist and the predicted partner of our main character. With his nature as a devil, it is seems his personality doesn’t really suit his title of being the Grand Duke – unless, he is very serious about the situation or is in a pinch. And I really meant don’t make him mad. He aims to rule over Hell and well, wants Solomon’s descendant – the so-called “elector” – to be by his aid. The only problem is, the so-called “elector” is our main protagonist, William, who happens to be a person who doesn’t believe in devils or any paranormal happening around him (and always finds an excuse to every weird things happening to him through the episode and still the stubborn kid we know of) and someone who sees Dantalion as a cosplayer.

And other characters that plays an important rules on Hell’s science. Solomon – as the bearer of great wisdom as the mythology says it, is the elector of the new interim ruler of hell while the High King Lucifer is sleeping. While the story goes on, Solomon’s descendant was said to be our main character, William Twining. The preview before the episode showed both Solomon and Dantalion years ago – which the hug/contract is still a mystery.

Makai Ouji Episode 1 -  (26)
Well, isn’t that quite romantic?

The plot? Well, isn’t it interesting? High-ranked devils from hell are fighting over to get into a position where they can rule over all of hell while Lucifer is asleep. And we have an elector for the position, a mere human, who doesn’t have any special abilities except for his good brain. And a problem for the devils since the current elector is someone who doesn’t believe in unscientific beliefs. The thing is, the relationship between Dantalion and William is something to look forward to (no, I am not really meaning to say the Yaoi pairing but maybe partly – but if you get my idea that’s great too). I mean a realist plus a devil which can break all of the realist’s formula to make him believe about the story of hell and its minions bellow is something really interesting to see! Add the type of devils that were once humans before, the Nephelims… wait – that kind of reminds me of the shinigami from Full Moon wo Sagashite! And to even think that devils who crossdress exists! Oh how I love how Gilles’ character came out so well.

But you know, after seeing two guys trying to kill each other in mid air and exchanging blows by the use of electricity and fire plus a goat butler, I believe one would actually go crazy after that. William, you amaze me.

Since this show is a Sunday show and shutgunned this before, I’ll be covering this baby.