“I love you, Keima!”

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Synopsis: Third season of The World God Only Knows. To save the lives of Kanon and Apollo, Keima starts searching for the remaining goddesses.


And it’s back. The void in my heart has finally been filled. Oh how I’ve missed you, Keima Katsuragi. I remember sitting down to watch the first series of ‘The World God Only Knows’ after just getting back into anime after a two year separation. I fell in love (and so did Ayumi from the looks of things). And now, here I am. The third series of the loose soul hunting ‘Gods’ adventures through Japan… yes, it is time for The World God Only Knows… Goddesses Arc? The best arc in the entire manga some would say. I’d agree, of course.

It’s a real shame that they decided to skip out on eight capture arcs… they missed two of my favorites y’know? When I saw them recapping the Yui arc instead of giving my beloved an actual episode… many tables were flipped that day. That is all. That aside, an amazing few arcs were missed and it will ultimately take away from the anime only viewers experience, I mean, they haven’t made the connections that we manga readers made, I loved the Yui arc, I loved the Nanaka arc, I loved the Hinoki arc… anime only viewers don’t even know what those are! An opportunity was missed… I feel sorry for those who are going to lose out because they decided to skip to a better arc.

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How can Keima ignore THIS?!

I’ve always loved ‘The World God Only Knows’ openings, hell I even have the eight minute version of the first series’ opening on my phone! The opening for the third series however… maybe it’ll grow on me? Maybe… I don’t know, it just didn’t have the same feel to it that the other two openings had… it lacked finesse? The other two were a mixture of catchy upbeat loveliness and somber lyrics that build up into a euphoric clusterf*** of joy… This was… meh.

The plot? I felt as though the aforementioned recap took away from the episode by distorting the flow and causing the end to be somewhat rushed. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the ending, I was waiting for it for the entirety of the episode and when it finally happened… EUPHORIA! Oh Kanon, sweet, sweet girl. Why you so lovely? From an objective standpoint the episode did feel sloppy in some places. It felt like they crammed ten chapters into a single episode when in actuality they only animated three… Somewhat disjointed, yes, that’s the way I’d put it. Where was the Keima Katsurugi goodness that we’re used to? This almost felt like more of a Nakagawa Kanon OVA than an episode of The World God Only Knows, y’know?

Exposition, that, in essence, is what this episode was. The episode ‘set everything up’ for the rest of the series and I guess that’s why it felt so… wrong. I loved the episode, don’t get me wrong, but in retrospect it’s not what I wanted/expected from an episode of The World God Only Knows… that is all.

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I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long…

And another thing… was that Lune at the ending? Did they just… ignore the canon? I could have sworn that it was [name held back because it might be a spoiler unless they’ve decided to just scrap his/her character all together] that stabbed Kanon/Apollo? I can understand why they skipped out the capture arcs in an attempt to reach a ‘better’ point in the manga but changing the plot for no apparent reason? Suspicious, I am.

And another thing… how the f*** are they going to cover 75 chapters in 12 episodes? The covered three chapter with one episode. If they keep this up they won’t even cover half of the material available… then again, I don’t want them to rush it… Please, I’m begging you Manglobe, don’t f*** this up for me… The World God Only Knows is my baby, without it I am nothing.

They skipped 60 chapters and crammed those into 10 minutes… and now they’re planning to cram 75 chapters into 12 episodes… What? I don’t even… I can’t even… What is life?

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Don’t mind my scythe…

It’s time to Keima to become a man and accept that he has feelings for at least one of these girls. I get it okay, Keima doesn’t want a girlfriends because he ‘hates’ real girls, that’s fine… no. It’s not. We’ve clearly seen Keima fall in love with most of these girls, whether he likes to admit it or not. Seeing that Kanon remembers their kiss was an interesting moment of Keima because now he might actual be able to develop a relationship with someone who remembers everything they had and everything they built. I loved the Kanon arc, it was one of my favorites and, as usual, it broke my heart to see Kanon forget it all. Maybe it’s time for Keima to get serious? Maybe he’s going to on a holy war to protect Kanon from all evil? Then again, Keima’s reaction might have been that of horror as a realizes that several girls might remember him and several girls might interrupt his play time in their attempts to make love to him… Yokkyun!

To conclude, I personally loved this episode… when looking at it objectively though, it wasn’t the best. I’m worried. I’ll be the first to admit that. 75 chapters in 12 episodes? Good luck with that. I understand that there aren’t that many pages in a chapter of The World God Only Knows but still… there are enough to make me worry okay?

Possibility of Blogging(?): Garunteed

Maybe there are going to be people who don’t like the 60 chapter skip. Maybe there are people who are afraid of the 75 chapters being crammed into 12 episodes. Maybe there are some people that are missing Yokkyun. Maybe I fit into all three of those categories… and maybe I love The World God Only Knows… come to me episode 2!


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  1. DashXFox

    Just to let you know: I’ll be reading all your reviews on The World God Only Knows this season.

    The first five minutes were a bit of a downer… I mean, it just feels like it’s dangling some of those memorable arcs (Some of which I wish I could see animated) in front of you and then snatches them back with its tongue sticking out. In retrospect, at least they gave us something rather than nothing, I guess.

    I’m also worried about the whole ’75 chapters in 12 episodes’ thing. Are we one hundred percent sure it will be 12 episodes?! Wish we could have more… Although, It seems like they’re following the manga pretty well so far (As far as the goddess arc). Going into the credits, however, it did feel rushed at the end there, but I think that’s because of the five minutes of flashbacks at the beginning compressing the rest of the episode.

    I still liked the intro. Of course, not as epic as the first two seasons (Remember how everyone hated the season 2 op?), but I still thought it was pretty awesome. Still got goosebumps from it.

    We’ll have to wait and see how this arc will be handled. Just pray that they don’t do anything too unreasonable. Here’s to an amazing season!

  2. Eva

    I can’t even… The episode was so rushed it was an absolute mess. I couldn’t believe it. I seriously hope the figure out a strategy to pace things out better- I’d hate it if every episode was like this one.

    Ah man, I really hope next week’s episode will be better and onwards.

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