BroCon 1…I’m all for appreciating the art in portraits and the symbolism behind it, but this looks rather uncomfortable – for Ema. Can you imagine the neck pains just holding that position while an artist works on the painting?

So far, this is one of the better episodes that Brothers Conflict has given me. I say that because everything was connected in this episode – from the two brothers (Natsume and Subaru) who opened the episode with Ema and the consistency of them being the focus throughout.

Nothing of great importance happened in the first half of the episode more than just for hints of Natsume’s jealousy but let me give an overview. There were no ingredients to make adequate dinner for the entire family, so Tsubaki suggested they – along with Ema – go out on a picnic for the night since the brothers, who were at the house, were free. They went out and Ema made fried chicken, along with some other refreshments. They ran out of drinks, and Ema went to get more and ran into Subaru, who accompanied her during the shopping and followed her back to the family picnic.

When they returned, Tsubaki started teasing them, asking them if it was just a coincidence that they met and came back together. Wataru was playing away from the group, tormenting a duck because he wanted to play.

WataruHe’s got such a precious face and he looks a bit more mature in this frame. Everyone saw him, became concerned and Natsume ran to him to get him away from the fencing before he fell in and the duck woke up , frightened Wataru and he fell back – causing Natsume to trip forward.

That is one graceful fall...
That is one graceful fall…

Natsume would have at least gotten a bruise to his side because he’d fall on the wood fencing rather than making it over into the water – if anime didn’t love defying the laws of gravity. Tsubaki, while teasing him, helped him out the water and from the stern look on Natsume’s face, I don’t think he likes being embarrassed – not even around his family. But it’s probably because Ema is there and in his mind, she’s his prospective waifu and he doesn’t want to look foolish in her eyes.

BroCon 3 Maybe Ema thought that this was a harmless question but WE know why Natsume asked this question. Backtracking to the scene where Ema and Subaru had met up, he had invited her to his game, and told her that he wanted to win in front of her. Ema, again in her oblivion, didn’t catch the hint behind this and went to his game. Natsume was also there.

The basketball game was a scene of pure still frames and scanty animation of the players running along the court and making shots. The emphasis here is not on sports but the romance. Subaru – I mean the TEAM, won the match and there was much celebration. Then came the moment I anticipated:


Subaru is the first person who has made a complete move on Ema. At first I was rooting for him but I don’t want him to be the one to be with Ema. My shipping affection is conflicted between Yusuke and Tsubaki. Ema didn’t get the chance to respond to his statement/proposal of a relationship because Natsume interrupted.

Natsume wants Subaru to focus on his career in basketball, rather than waste his time on distractions, such as a relationship. And again, WE KNOW why he doesn’t want Subaru to pursue a relationship with Ema. Also, I think this whole conflict gives a look into why these two can’t get along. Is it that they both keep falling in love with the same girl??

No, that’s silly. Maybe Subaru can’t stand Natsume because he tries to control his life too much. In the end, he left since the air became taut with tension and Natsume asked Ema if she was seeing Subaru.

BroCon 5You don’t know anymore?? Did she decide to be with him in .01 seconds of him asking her to go out with him then change her mind once Natsume showed up?? Well Ema, that doesn’t make me think much of you. She’s the type to break under pressure – I feel it.

The drama in this scene didn’t excite me because I was just thinking: “What the hell kind of conversation is this between sibliings?”

Subaru hasn’t retracted his proposal or his feelings for Ema, he told her to think about it but from Ema’s reaction, it doesn’t seem that this will turn out well for Subaru. We are five episodes into this thing and we have what…ten/eleven more brothers to go? There has been no fleshing out of the characters and just like Amnesia, I feel like this is going to lack quality character development and follow the generic romance route and that’s okay.

I already expect that much and so, this is something I’m just watching to entertain myself with rather than to call it out for all its flaws. It’s silly but I still want to see how these relationships turn out – and if Ema actually chooses someone ON HER OWN rather than being coerced into it.


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    I have a feeling she may not choose anyone, like all RH. It might be like hakuouki where she does choose someone. Im rooting for TsubakixEma tho ;P

    1. charlmeister

      In OHSHC Haruhi chose Tamaki, and I think that’s the only RH – for me – where the heroine actually chose somebody. Ema is probably a lost case, and I have the same feeling that she won’t pick anybody.
      Heh, probably he’ll get her xD

      1. ASDFGHJKL

        I hope so~ <3 I have never felt so strongly for a pair (other than TomaxHeroine. Yeah call me crazy :P)
        In Hakuouki Chizuru chose someone (my OTP was flushed down the drain T_T) hmmm Oh and Hiiro No Kakera
        Although in most they usually dont choose

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