KaoruI have the impression that everyone in Hasebe’s family is a legit troll. Meet Kaoru, Hasebe’s (Yutaka is his first name) sister. I was thinking I’d start using his first name but Yutaka sounds a bit weird, and I’m already used to identifying him as just Hasebe, so I’ll stick to that.

IT WAS A BLUFF! ALL OF IT! Hasebe didn’t carry Lucy to a hotel but instead put her up with him at his sister’s place which wasn’t too far off from the hotel. That says a lot about his chivalry and propriety as a person – and the image painted by his casual conversations and Lucy, is completely different from the kind of character he really is. And I like that – he’s been my favorite since the start of this series and this episode made me like him a lot more. And added to that is his sister, who is more of a tease than Hasebe himself. Actually, according to Kaoru, he’s the most reserved in the entire family.

This part made me laugh
This part made me laugh

Instead of going out with his friends and picking up girls – as Lucy thought was his norm – Hasebe stays in and plays video games by himself. It was hilarious when Kaoru assumed he’d taken Lucy there to have a threesome and she was all into the idea (She’s even more of a pervert).

LucyxHasebeI didn’t think it was possible for one person to be so DENSE. Lucy is beyond help, she’s hopeless. She couldn’t understand why Hasebe would go out of his way to take care of her and again, she questions it and wants to repay him. But in consideration of her feelings, he just tells her that he’ll save up all  her “repayments” and use it when he needs a big favor of her.

Chihaya is so pretty
Chihaya is so pretty

Romance is definitely a factor in Servant x Service!! But it’s a minor theme and subordinate to other issues that are dealt with so far in the series. But I’m still wary of investing hope in Lucy and Hasebe. The shocker this episode is that Chihaya and Ichimaya are dating!! And from this discovery came some character development which I think was well done and it made me appreciate some characters more…and another, less.

Let’s start with Chihaya. She mentioned that Ichimaya always gets dumped by his girlfriends before Christmas because he spends time with his sister to celebrate her birthday rather than being with his girlfriend (at the time) to enjoy that moment together. Chihaya is now his girlfriend and it has been a year since they have been dating. It’s also clear that the trend of Ichimaya spending time with Touko rather than with her, still exists but she accommodates him.

Chihaya is actually a great person. Ichimaya doesn’t have much money, is unable to carry her out to fancy places and even seems awkward and inept at being a boyfriend but she stays by his side. She compromises her emotional needs (and I’m guessing physical too) to suit his way of doing things. Probably if her relationship with him was more fulfilling, her expressions would be more lively than just for the sparkles that come to her face and that hardly noticeable smile when she fantasizes about cosplay. And I guess that is what bridges the gap in the relationship and keeps it working even though it’s still dysfunctional – her love for cosplay. Because of that, it’s easier for her to ignore what would actually upset her to the point of wanting to break up with him. But even though she accommodates his conflicting emotions, it still hurts her that Ichimaya is unable to choose her over Touko – who I’m REALLY beginning to hate.

This probably also explains why Chihaya is bent on getting Lucy into cosplay. She needs a friend and someone she can pass the time with when she and Ichimaya cannot be together. In a sense, that says that Chihaya does not enjoy being alone.

IchimayaIt’s probably okay to say that Ichimaya is a slight siscon but I’m looking at it from another angle. His putting her before everyone else could be because he feels obligated her. He didn’t go to college and started working just so he could provide for her. Naturally, it would be habitual for him to want to take care of her needs first since she has always been the first priority in his life.


Touko is intimidating. She’s nagging and rash with him and that could be another factor why he just deals with her first; in order to avoid her wrath. The pitiful – near pathetic – side of his personality could have been shaped because of Touko and his having to deal with her obnoxious ways. It is just sad that he ALLOWS her to walk all over his life as if it’s okay. He even begged Chihaya to break up with him because he realized the tough situation that she is being put through.

Man I just hate Touko. HATE HER!! I don’t like the conflicts she presents. I don’t like how much of a hell she’s making Ichimaya’s life to be. I. DON’T. LIKE. HER. She needs to get run over by a bus. End rant.

Because of all the humor going on, the serious issues being dealt with can easily be missed but the emotional aspect of this episode really had me. I’m not sure what Chihaya finds in Ichimaya to put up with his circumstances but it shows her awesomeness as a character.

Again, this was a great episode, I liked the themes and next week, I hope Touko disappears from the script by some means.


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  1. Jester

    This had to be my favorite episode of the series; it was definitely the funniest yet after meeting Hasebe’s sister and her quirky personality and love of making things awkward. The episode also had that huge shocker of Chihaya and Ichimaya dating which was awesome. They might not be the best couple, but like you said it works. I like both of them way more (especially Chihaya). I’m not sure if I hate Touko though. It’s weird how she gets along with Chihaya because she doesn’t know she is dating Ichimaya (I think…?) so it makes me wonder if she would at some point accept her.

    So even though Hasebe x Lucy might never work out at least there’s SOME sort of romance established that is quite fun to watch.

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