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I KNEW IT. Ulla is alive! Damn Ai is going to be quite heartbroken when she sees that Ulla is very well aware of the ceremony- heck is the one in charge of it. I knew that the minute we saw the crowd of 105 people (who turned out to be alive), they were most likely migrating to Ortus that some ominous shit was going to do down.
There are a lot of things that Ai learned and experienced today about Ortus and it’s leaders. Lets start off with Kiriko being dead, yet not as the undead we know of, as he was created by the body parts of five people who were all friends and wished to have a child. Their wish was granted by a witch and later merged together. How they shift from person to person is a mystery, but the important part is that the five of them are supposed to be Kiriko’s parents.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 5 Img 0008The witch is definitely something I expect to see come up again in the future. Whether Ulla is the witch herself- honestly having seen the witch as according to Kiriko’s flashback and comparing her to Ulla’s true face behind the mask (as seen in the opening) I have my doubts that the two ladies are one and the same person. That being said,  I am still pretty damn confident that Ulla is the The Idol of Murder, even more so now that Ai confirms she is alive. But according to the preview, it looks like the way she is going to kill the people peacefully (or so that’s what Kiriko says – I can’t help have doubts about that) in a much different way than one would anticipate and it’s probably what entitled her as the The Idol of Murder in the first place. (I am going to laugh my ass off if she is gravekeeper because OH THE IRONY!)
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 5 Img 0033Although Ai has been shown to not follow rules very well, such as keeping her mask on at all times and spilling her secret about being a hybrid gravekeeper to Kiriko, she was also shown to be quite wise when it comes to trying to figure out how to resolve certain matters. She knows that her dream is to give the dead a happy ending, but there in Ortus the dead are already happy. So what’s important to her now is figuring out a way for the living and the dead to co-exist without being discriminated because she feels it’s not fair for the living to resort dying in order to be accepted living there. This is definitely where Ai and Ulla’s common interest clash because they definitely have two completely different ideas of ‘Saving the World’ and create a rift in their newfound friendship.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 5 Img 0015We didn’t learn much about the Voice that Scar has been hearing except for the fact it’s most likely that which is making her feel unwell. The closest thing that Diva (the doctor) could compare her problem to is a false pregnancy which is very common for them ever since nobody could produce a child anymore since God had abandoned them. Most of cases is because they desperately want a child, but Scar hasn’t even crossed that thought- so that’s how Diva resolved it has to do with the Voice.
Yuki really surprised me with not scolding Ai like I initially thought he would. It turns out he had been to Ortus before a while back when he was seeking refugee with his dead wife, but because he and their daughter were alive, they couldn’t stay there since in order to so, they must die. And that was something he wasn’t going to do.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 5 Img 0038Overall very intriguing episode, I expect things to start kicking into gear next week since we will be meeting the half way point of the series.  I am curious to see whether Ai will jump in to intervene with the ceremony but she is most likely going to be stopped by the Lion-Masked guy or Yuki if she actually attempts to do so. I am also curious to see what kind of power Ulla wields, and how she grants the living a ‘peaceful death’. What I find rather interesting is that she reveals her true face to the livings who are choosing to die by her hands, and then keeping herself masked up in the palace and elsewhere. Perhaps it all comes down to the fact this ceremony could be considered a “Sacred” despite the fact this is one of Ortus’ dark secrets.


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    This is one of my favourite animes, I love the animation and the plot
    I cant wait for the next episode~ I wonder what will happen. Maybe Ai will get affected? Probably not. I want this anime to have more than 13 episodes though T_T
    Before this anime ends I just hope I can see the other 2 characters from the opening~ (Also the guy with red hair, Color Alis always seems to be the second important character because hes always after Hampnie Humbert. I dont even know though :/)

    1. Jester

      I didn’t know this anime only had 13 episodes, that’s really surprising! I feel like it just started. I hope they don’t rush through it I’m really enjoying it.

    2. Eva

      It’s funny because at the beginning I felt that there was going to be 24 episodes, so I was surprised to see that there’s only going to be 13 episodes too. However I am pretty sure we will be seeing the other two characters from the opening since it would technically be pointless otherwise. It’s a bit too soon to say, but I certainly wouldn’t mind if we get a second season if there’s more material from the LN to cover. :3

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