Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Ep 5 Img 0029
Nephlim just bit Hibiki’s arm off and fucking ate it. (Honestly it makes me want to throw up)
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Ep 5 Img 0008It was good to see that they gave us depth about Maria’s character today. She isn’t some cold-blooded monster who will kill innocent bystanders with her Gungnir, or her hostages, let alone attack them if they are regular people.  It made me very sad for her, especially for the loss of her sister Serena who had big heart and volunteered to sacrifice herself in order to protect her sister and FIS (who ended up not giving two shits about her because she “destroyed” (really she succeeded in resetting the Nephilim) their experiment).
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Ep 5 Img 0018
As for the Nephilim, it turns out that when it’s forcibly awakened state, one could say it’s the relic’s true form. And because of that, it kind of makes sense that it needs relics in order to survive. Speaking of relics, I noticed immediately in the OP that it changed with a relic cracked. It appears it’s probably Hibiki’s if having lost her arm had something to do with it. Well anyhow it sucks for her, until she can get her arm back or something, S2CA Triburst is obviously no longer an option since she can’t hold hands with Tsubasa and Chris.
And finally, I seriously can’t stand Dr. Ver. Get rid of him please. He’s an asshole and I am already sick and tired of seeing him. With that said, depending on how things play out next week.
Oh and one last thing: Shirabe and Kiri singing Orbital Beat! by Zwei Wing (sung by Tsubasa and Kanade) was fantastic.
EDIT: Removed the rant about a particular plot point I had forgotten had happened in Season 1.


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  1. angryanons

    “that’s the stupidest shit I ever heard.”
    did you even watch season 1 ?

    1. Eva

      Yes I did in fact (as you can check here for yourself) But I didn’t rewatch the season again, so that’s a mistake on my part to forget about the moon plot. All I remembered that Fine wanted to blow up the moon with the Frontier, but I didn’t remember the reason for it. So that’s an error on my part to have forgotten that.

  2. Wanderer_YS

    Well, seeing that Hibiki is practically half human half relic, I’m not going to be surprised if they can grow her arm back (notice how they mentioned the…um..IPC or whatever organization somehow grew a second gungnir from the original).

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