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Synopsis: Shortly after an investigation of the murder scene, the school trial begins to find Kiyotaka Ishimaru’s and Hifumi Yamada’s murderer. Yasuhiro Hagakure is the main suspect of this trial, because of Yamada’s dying words: “Yasuhiro”, which is obviously his name, and so mostly everyone thinks it can only mean that Hifumi was killed by him. The ‘Justice Robo’ outfit also fits better on him than on anyone else, and it only adds to an increasing suspicion of him being the culprit. After more discussion, Celestia Ludenberg is decided as the culprit.


I’m sorry, but if you’re murdered in a house of ‘Harry’s’ and one of the Harry’s’ has a nickname, you don’t call him ‘Harry’, y’know? Yamada, this case would have been made much easier if you’d just used the name that was most obvious, ‘Celeste’. That said, I honestly didn’t know who’d done it until Celeste kept butting in every five minutes during the ‘class debate’, I mean, she says pretty much nothing in every other debate and then all of a sudden she’s the most talkative one in the entire group? And not only that, but she’s shifting the blame onto anyone and everyone, just so that she can live in an ugly mansion in ugly Europe (you know, in anime they always talk about ‘Europe’ as if it’s full of castles, tea and scones; it’s not, it’s full of nothing. Absolutely nothing. Trust me. Unless you’re into culture and all that fun stuff?) where she can be waited upon like some pretentious bitch… Simply put, I didn’t like her. Bitch.

The case itself was really interesting – the most interesting one so far, if I may. Like I said, I had no idea who had done it for the longest time and it all became very confusing the moment a new piece of evidence was presented, if you weren’t paying attention, that is. It was tense, it was dramatic and Celeste… well, at least she went down more composed than some of the men. Now, now, don’t get angry with me, I understand that they are children that have been put into a horrible situation and that I can’t ‘possibly fathom what they’re going through’, but I’m just saying ‘n all, even when she was being burnt to death she kept her ‘cool’ (ha ha, get it?) and sweated a little… just a little bit… and then she was hit by a fire truck, but that’s not the point. What is the point, however, is that the case was awesome and now that group had been thinned out I can’t wait to see what happens next. Will the final face off be between Naegi and Kirigiri? Probably..?

Now let’s talk about that ending… what on Earth? Is Sakura the mole? At this point I’ve learnt not to jump to conclusions ‘n all, but… her eye was glowing in conjunction with Monokuma’s… if that isn’t a telltale sign I don’t know what is. Oh! And another thing, in an earlier review I mentioned that I thought that Kirigiri was some sort of ‘Ace Detective’… well, I think that this episode strengthened that argument quite a bit, don’t you? She’s good at investigating, she’s looking for information and she seemingly knows more about what’s going on than the others… it’s a tricky one, but I think it will definitely be dealt with in the upcoming episodes.

And finally, let’s wrap this up bitches. Yamada said that they all know each other. He said that. I’m thinking that their memories have been wiped perhaps? Is this some sort of social experiment? I just don’t know anymore… let’s hope that episode 8 sheds some light on the situation…

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  1. Wanderer_YS

    I just noticed Monokuma still has that ‘butter’ during the class trials. Barrrrrrphhhhhh.

    As for that they know each other, I wonder the picture shown at the start of the ED hinted at anything…

  2. tyerisu

    You stopped blogging on this one ufufu but nether the less, Celeste is surely a huge beetch in this episode

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