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Oh god Ai! You can’t keep your mouth shut about being a half human, half Gravekeeper can you! *Shakes Head* Her misunderstanding for Goran being a ‘normal school’ and the one Yuki had been telling her about was inevitably cute, especially when she took her father’s explanation to heart. Oh Humbert!
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 7 Img 0022I am not entirely sure how I felt about this episode since we were given very little and vague information, but the Witch matters we heard about in Ortus something I think we should keep note of it in the back of our heads. I am quite wary of Gee’s character right now because of the fact she’s called the Western Witch, also known as the Whisperer. She is a ghost that has been going around granting wishes, but that’s from her side of the story- I don’t know if there’s another side. In Ortus, we have heard about the Witch who had a messed up way of granting Pox/Rex/Diva and their friends’ wish of having a child, and then created Kiriko with their body parts. So that’s one reason why I am going to stay on guard about her for the time being until I leave more about her.
I have to say, I felt that this episode really didn’t flow that well as it felt like it was missing pieces and I was confused quite a bit. Of course the confusion seemed to have been deliberate as Ai thought she had decided to check out the clock tower out of curiosity when it was actually Gee who had told her to. In fact, speaking of which, I think the scariest part is that Ai had no idea she was under Gee’s spell. Not to mention, Gee has also revealed she has been keeping tabs on her ever since she been to Ortus and giving back information to Alis. It is also interesting to hear Gee’s claim that the three of them were fated to gather together- as I assume to save the world since Alis claims that he intends to save the world as well- it’s only a matter of whether they share the same idea.
However, as we have seen Alis on the hilltop last episode by Ortus city, and having heard now that he has only been at the school for a week or less, I can’t help but feel suspicious about the whole situation. It feels like it’s almost like a set up- maybe not so much on Alis’ part (but his personality seems to be a bit different than how we saw him on the hilltop), but perhaps entirely plotted by Gee who says she is haunting him. There’s also the context in the preview where Ai says that she isn’t sure about her dream anymore. There’s a possibility- and god that would be intense shit going down if it were Gee all long who has been whispering this dream to her.
In the end, if Gee is telling the truth about how the three of them were fated to come together to save the world, obviously they are the key to perhaps freeing the world from its infinity lifeline of both the living and the dead. Ai’s village secret has yet to be revealed and it will be interesting if Gee or Alis, or both of them are aware of the secret and that’s how Ai will learn about it.
Last but not least, we have the Powerful Wishes. This is a very interesting concept because it seems that this is something that isn’t as rare as some of us had initially anticipated. From Humbert’s initial wish to live healthy to the students within Goran Academy (a facility for students with special abilities), who had all made a powerful wish during a near death experience, many wishes are being granted. But the question is who is granting those wishes? We have Gee, the Whisperer/Western Wish who grants wishes by majorly sharing information and guiding the people, and then we have the ‘God Who Abandoned Humanity’. This is definitely something I want to hear and get solid explanation about, along with hopefully (for the love of god especially if this show is going to end with this season) learn about the secret that resides Ai’s town.


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  1. Cray-Cray

    I hope im not the only one who if this show has a pair wants Ai to be with Alis
    apparently hes the only one around her age so I do ship them since they look so cute~
    I actually want this anime to be 13+ because I have enjoyed it. But I have a feeling its only gonna be 13 eps ;3;

    1. Eva

      XDDD I have the urge to ship them, but I need to learn more about Alis before I decide to jump on board. XD

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