Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Episode 8 Image 0003

Synopsis: Natsuno lures Kazuhito into a relaxing holiday with… seemingly somewhat perverted intentions. But when their ‘romantic outing’ continuously gets interrupted, can anything be done to save it?… Probably not.


 Aw, Natsuno, you so cute and scary and need to see a counselor because I’m not sure if having sex with an animal constitutes as being ‘f*cked up’… y’know? Honestly, I don’t even know if she really wants to f*ck Kazuhtio, but I think it’s safe to say that she does… I can’t tell if she’s joking or not! Kazuhito, however, is not having any of that sh*t, he himself ignoring all of her advances and instead going in search of that ‘illusive book’… and speaking of that book… where did it go? And why did they not reference it again? Perhaps it was Natsuno’s first book, a novel that she published/didn’t publish before her first novel was made readable. I’m guessing that it will appear again? A little foreshadowing here and there makes for a nice surprise when said objects appear again.

 To the next point! The fact that they didn’t show Natsuno’s father in that family photo only helps to further my theory that the man following Natsuno is her father. He looks old enough, his obsession doesn’t seem sexual and so far all he’s done is try to kill her! Seems fatherly enough! Again, this is purely conjecture, but still, it has at least some credibility… And whilst we’re talking about Natsuno’s feasible past… those scissors… what’s up with them? We’ve seen before that she likes her scissors ‘n all, but I didn’t realize that she was, y’know, completely in love with them… almost perhaps, even as much as she is in love with Kazuhito.

 But let’s get back to the point, where would anime be without the ‘Hot springs trip in which everyone turns up’ event? It’s the cliche of cliche’s, perhaps being subservient only to the ‘beach trip’ event! That said, it was enjoyable and I liked it, it wasn’t explicitly overt (boob, ass and naval (oh yeah, the naval…) wise, that is) and it actually had some relevance to the… ‘plot’. Yes, yes, I know I complain about the plot in almost every review but I have my reasons! In fact I’m not going to complain in this review because, you know what? Episode 8 was relevant! The old perv is probably going to be the ‘final boss’ ‘n all, so it only makes sense that they’re introducing him as a character now… -ish. The plot itself has always been the shows weak point, but hey, at least they’re trying to rectify their mistakes now… sort of.

 And, whilst it was nice to see everyone again, I think that we’re going to be seeing less and less of them as time goes on and Natsuno gets closer to… the truth. That said, they might keep everyone around for comical reasons, as was made evident by all of the characters appearing in episode 8. It was funny, don’t get me wrong, but when I just want to see Natsuno and Kazuhito get it on the plot develop, it makes me sad…

 Let’s finish this off, eh? Natsuno, you’re cute and I’m sorry that you weren’t blessed with breast(s) and all that, but, hey, come on, it’s not all bad, I mean, at least you’ve got your dog… please don’t do him on screen…

(Sorry for the short post ‘n all, time constraints be constricting and not much really happened in the episode either way…)