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It’s meido Miyu time! While Ilya still manages to be cute even when sick, I think we’d all agree that Miyu wins today. I’ve hardly ever seen a dual combo of a maid and magical girl…and it’s supposed to be her standard work outfit, too! While it’s very typical of Luvia to employ maids (being a classic ojou-sama and all) I think most of Miyu’s embarrassment only ever started with Ruby’s attempt to break the awkwardness and turn on the video 😀 Oh, and Ilya’s inner otaku reacting, too. I never knew she could be that perverted! Don’t worry, it’s apparently not rape if you yell surprise…though I bet she’s secretly enjoying it, look at her. The M in Miyu is there for a reason, after all!


It seems like Ruby takes after her master in this respect, although Sapphire was not too amused 😀 Also, notice the quiet cameo from Kiritsugu and Irisviel in the top right hand corner of this shot xD All these little details do matter! Anyway, Ilya’s managed to make friends with Miyu (and get Miyu to call her something other than Illyasviel) in a peaceful, non-aggressive manner. See, Nanoha? There’s no need to blow people up to make them your friends! You just, sort of…strip and sexually assault them while they’re in a maid outfit! Wait, what?


Well, she WAS friends with Miyu. It seems Ruby got the Lyrical Radical Genocide she wanted…in the form of a massive mana burst that destroyed every single Assassin. While I agree it was dangerous, Miyu (as conservative as she is) was being overly harsh there – just so soon after they’d managed to properly make friends, here’s Miyu telling Ilya she no longer wants to fight with her ;( And this is just a week after I said I never want to see poor Ilya cry again. While the preview hints she’s handing in her resignation as a magical girl, they’ll probably have a very hard time against Berserker – in time for her to save the day, perhaps?

Finally, just a bit about Assassin – who, like in Fate/Zero met a measly end at the hands of overwhelming power. Assassin never got much screentime…but hey, that’s gotta be better than Lancer and his E Rank luck, who never showed up at all. Anyway, instead of Sasaki Koujirou we got Hassan, who is arguably less of a threat than Sasaki would have been. It seemed more like Kirei’s Assassin instead of Zouken’s, given that there were about 50 of them all at once. Well, it doesn’t really matter. For all intents and purposes, every single one of them is Hassan.

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  1. TheVoid

    At least this Hassan was more competent than Fate/Zero’s one. They actually got to attack by surprise and poison a character, while F/E were just cannon fodder.

    1. Vantage

      Cannon fodder is a great term 😀 Destroyed by Gilgamesh, then destroyed by Rider…sighs

  2. phoenix7240

    hey in regards to the iri and kerry cameo that photo has been in every sequence of illyas room. go rewatch episode 2 again.

    1. Vantage

      So it is! Thanks for pointing that out. I was probably too distracted by her twirly posing at the time xD

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