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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 8 Img 0013Well that’s a wrap for the third mini arc (I think, I can hardly imagine that the kids will still be traveling with them). And I have to say it was the most disappointing one we’ve seen yet. This episode had moments that were just plain confusing- in particular about the matter of ‘Two Worlds’. I don’t know about you guys, but I found Alis’s explanation incredibly confusing. Either some bits were left out, or something was lost in translation, or it was never explained that well in the first place. Anyhow, after re-watching that one bit almost ten times I think I managed to somewhat understand what he is referring to. When he is mentioning about the ‘Two Worlds’, he’s using this as a prime example of how some people see it. He tells Ai that the two of them see one more, a subjective world, where as the others sees it differently.
Throughout this discussion, I felt that he also dropped some clues that only made my suspicions towards him and Dee grow. He referred to the ‘World’ he intends to destroy as a community. I strongly believe that this ‘community’ is Ai’s hometown- after all we have yet to find out it’s big secret. There was also that moment where I was convinced that Dee had whispered to Tanya, ensuring that she will take part of the escape since Ai at the last minute said that she wouldn’t leave without her (and Alis and Dee both plan to use Ai, so her staying back would be unacceptable).
Who else feels that Alis is acting too nice? I feel like I need to be on guard every time we see him.
We did however learn a tad more about him today, the first is the dream continuation from last week. This time we received the referral about the curtains (that were gold) where through the window we can see the Ferris Wheel, which must have an importance. I’m guessing that there are two probabilities: The window seat where we can see the ferris wheel either belonged to Alis, or Dee. I include Dee because she is wearing the same uniform as the rest of the students. And the second is his power: The Buzzer Beater, meaning he has perfect aim, which is why the teacher backed off the lot when she  she was about to try and catch/kill them. since the victory has already been decided.
Last but not least, it turns out that Tanya had chosen to go to this school on her own. It was because of the way the villagers had shunned and abused her family after she was bestowed the power of the Inner Eye when she wished to see. It’s sad really because she wished for it to make her parents happy, and it did- but in the end she leaves because of it.
The Birthplace of Gravekeepers is probably going to be the final arc as there’s only four episodes left. When I head that Scar have been left behind by Yuri (be it her idea or not), I thought that she might have taken the baby with her- turns out that isn’t the case because Tanya is holding her in the backseat.
Not sure what happened or Scar had ran off to, but as it’s the birthplace of the Gravekeepers, I wouldn’t push aside the possibility of seeing a flashback of her ‘birth’, which would definitely be something I am interested in seeing. Hopefully this arc at least will be stronger, and more like the first considering the WTF factors and confusion in the last two.


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    Isn’t the Buzzer Beater guy’s name Alis?

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      Welp typo! X___X; Thank you for pointing that out.

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