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Synopsis: Continuing with Azazel revealing his identity to Issei. Back at the Occult Research Club, Issei reveals this fact to his master and allies, much to Rias’ displeasure. The next day, the Occult Research Club is placed in charge of cleaning the pool, while Issei’s Dragon arm acts up again as Akeno is in charge of scattering the Dragon power. After cleaning the pool, the Occult Research Club fills up the pool and starts swimming. Back at the Occult Research Club, Sirzechs and Grayfia arrives at the clubroom to greet Rias and her peerage, revealing that he was there for Rias’ class observation day and to investigate the place that will be used as the place for the meeting for the Three Factions.


 Fan service?! What’s this? Boobs? More boobs? Tits? Mammary glands? Zeppelins? Flotation devices? Bouncing bombs? Melons? Fun bags? Various other synonyms regarding boobs, tits and the latter…? Yes, this is High School DxD going back to the basics! The good ol’ days of Issei and the harem movement are back in play and… well, apparently all of the girls (and by that I mean three of them…) are now making their motives clear! Love is in the air? No my friends, boobs are in the air… Seriously.

 Now there’s really not much to say about this episode plot wise other than this (I’m getting this out of the way first so that I can fan boy about boobs later on…): Albion? Or, should I say, Loli…? Lally? Bali? Navi (ugh)? Oh… Vali! Of course. Now obviously he was introduced at the end of the episode but he was, technically, the most important part of the episode… of than Sirzechs, of course. But I digress, I can’t actual tell at this point if Vali is an enemy or an alley, but, if that hairdo and those eyes are anything to go by… this guy is, without a doubt, an enemy… But hey! Look at me being all prejudice over here, maybe he’s a nice guy born evil looking? Perhaps he’s fed up of being judged by his satanic appearance? Give the guy a break! Unless he is evil, of course, because then you can just beat on him all you want. Go get him Issei! Show him how strong the Red Dragon is!… I think we should also take into account that the Red Dragon has only ever really been useful when Rias’ t*ts are on the line… just saying.

 Sirzechs? What are you doing here…? I can’t help but be suspicious when one of the Lucifer’s comes into town, y’know? Now obviously this is only the start of the arc and not much is going to have been revealed yet but, from what I can tell so far, everything is going to be going down at their school… and the Student Council will therefore most likely be involved (which, to be honest, I’m quite happy with considering their… previous performances…). Sirzechs himself is handing out tips to Issei and so I can therefore only assume that he wants Issei to become a part of the family, if you know what I mean? I can see no other reason for Sirzechs to give Issei a tip about using his powers on Rias’ breasts… well, actually, now that I’ve written that out it seems like he’s trying to do exactly the opposite… Perhaps an oversight on my behalf? That said, Rias was being rather receptive in this episode so who knows, maybe Issei does have a chance of becoming a part of the Lucifer family?

 And, before I forget, I should probably mention Azazel’s appearance at the beginning of the episode… was he really threatening Issei? Really? I understand that he’s the leader of the Fallen Angels, a group that the Devils have been fighting for quite some time now, but he seems like a stand up bloke! The kind of guy you want to drink whiskey with on a Friday night, y’know? I don’t see him causing any trouble in the foreseeable future, but who knows; with this show, anything goes.

 Now on to the real sh*t. High School DxD is the quintessential ecchi experience, supplying goodness for both male and female audiences, male audiences obviously being catered for ‘more so’ due to the ‘restrictions’ and ‘regulations’ placed upon all ‘ecchi experiences’ (namely in the fact that they’re not hentai…). But let’s just get down to the nitty gritty sh*t, Akeno, you’re a babe, Rias, you’re a jealous babe, Xenovia, you’re a horny babe, Asia, try harder and Koneko… you tried your best?

 That is all.

 Episode 7 of High School DxD NEW did everything it was supposed to do and more, it provided the ‘ecchi experience’ whilst also laying the foundations for the upcoming plot arc in a succinct and well paced manner. So here, cheers to boobs, balloons, tits and the latter!


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