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Synopsis: Issei finds new troubles about to enter into his life and two even sleeping in his bed. While looking at an old photo album of Issei’s, Kiba sees a familiar sword being held by an old friend of Issei’s, which reopen’s old wounds. Meanwhile, Demons, Fallen Angels, and The Church’s agents all clash to get their hands on, or just destroy, powerful weapons called Holy Swords.


 The time for epic-ness has cum come! In episode 6 of High School DxD NEW Issei and the gang go up against their strongest enemy yet, Cock-a-bile. Crocodile? Coke-a-bee-hell? Kokabiel? Really? I’m not very good with Japanese names, y’know? That aside, episode 6 was… actually pretty darn good… even plot wise! I know right? I’m as shocked as you are. Episode 6 presents the viewer with a tense battle sequences, several engaging plot twists and enough epic speeches to make you want to write poetry or do something else as profound and fulfilling…

 Firstly… GOD IS DEAD. That is all.

 Seriously though, God is dead? A plot twist if there ever was one. As a viewer however, I don’t think the ‘revelation’ was as impactful as it could have been because… well, we’ve never met/seen this ‘God’ fellow. We didn’t even really know if he existed in the universe up until this episode and… well, I guess it came as more of a shock for Xenovia and Asia to find out that their God is dead than it did for me.

 Which brings me to my next point… what the hell Xenovia? I’m all for expanding the cast of characters but… why? Why her? And not because I don’t like her, but, why would she, of all people, become a devil? Sure, I understand okay, your God is dead and your life is meaningless without him/her/it, but, all of three episodes ago you were bad mouthing Asia, my Issei’s Asia, and you almost made her cry! That is in and of itself a crime, but the hypocrisy that comes with joining the enemy side after making them out to be as bad as Hitler and the Nazi’s themselves… that’s just plain wrong yo!

 But let’s get back to the episode as a whole; it was good. No, in fact it was better than good, I mean, let’s just look at all those plot twists. Akeno is the daughter of Baraqiel, a Fallen Angel, Albion, the English Dragon, is uber powerful, Issei’s ultimate mode comes from the idea of sucking on Rias’ t*ts, creepy old guy with seemingly no reason for being in the story turns out to be Azazel and… did I miss anything? Oh yeah, GOD IS DEAD! So yeah, a good episode full of twists, turns and t*ts. A nice mixture if there ever was one.

 T*ts out of the way… huh? We need a section on t*ts? Because you love t*ts? You darned pervs!… I’ll do it, but only because you asked me to… so, basically, on the tit-ometre, on which the scale ranges from 0, or ‘Blurgh, not enough t*ts!’, to 10, or ‘F.*.C.K ME, DEM T*Ts!’, episode 6 of High School DxD NEW receives… a 5, or a ‘Hmm, there were tits, but not enough to sate my palette’. It’s always a gift when Koneko’s clothes are torn off, I mean, on the rare occasion that she gets screen time I’m usually happy enough, but when she is thrown in the heat of heavy battle and has her clothes torn off as she rolls down a hill of impeding doom… yeah, that’s the sh*t. And, of course, there were a lot of Akeno nipple shots in episode 6, but not enough full breast shots to warrant a higher score. Oh! And the kept teasing us with Rias’ torn shirt?! What an arduous amount of intransigence! It’s disgusting…

 Yes, I did just write an entire paragraph on boobs and the tit-ometre. Get used to t*t it.

 The plot! The English Dragon? Wow… that guy’s pretty strong… not much else to say about him really, I mean, is there someone inside of it/him/whatever the f*ck you call a suit of dragon armor… that speaks…? Or is this just some dragon being exploited by Azazel for no particular reason? Guess we’ll find out in the upcoming episodes.

 Let’s wrap this up! Issei missed out on sucking Rias’ t*ts which must be hard for him seeing as he pretty much came BOOSTED green enery out of his hand when he heard that he might get to do anything to Rias’ body… that said, it was a bit cheesy and left me thinking… what the actual f*ck Issei? Get a grip man! Put thing into perspective bro!