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Synopsis: Madoka kicks her way through an apartment window in pursuit of Kazuhito. Natsuno’s true identity is revealed. For Madoka, she is her brother’s killer–Akiyama Shinobu. Natsuno attempts to speak for Kazuhito and convey his thoughts, but Madoka takes Kazuhito in her arms and leaves through the window, escaping into the night.


Huh. Well that was an interesting experience. Honestly, when I started watching Dog and Scissors I didn’t think there would be this much ‘violence’ (if you can call a girl pulling out her multipurpose curry maker and shooting people with it ‘violence’). Now obviously I’m not complaining about it or anything, I just thought I’d put that out there, you know? That aside, episode 5 of Dog and Scissors wasn’t the shows ‘greatest episode’ in any shape or form, it was one of those ‘okay-ish’ episodes that you tolerate because, y’know, they’re not that bad and you ‘know’ that the show can do better. Allow me to elaborate.

 Like I said, this episode was primarily an ‘action episode’… an ‘action episode with comical undertones’… yeah, that’s better. Madoka goes full bat sh*t crazy mode in episode 5 and… well, I couldn’t really understand why? Yes, yes, I understand that Kazuhito walked into her silly little trap and therefore he ‘must be Kazu-nii’, but, was everything that happened afterwards really necessary? And how the hell did they become best friends after Madoka almost killed Natsuno?! Women, I’ll never understand them. That aside, the ‘action scenes’ were sub-par, as with all the action scenes in this anime. They don’t ‘blow you away’ and they aren’t exactly beneficially to the plot (I guess?), but they do help to move the plot along (there is a difference!) and it’s always nice to see a woman vs woman fight every now and then… yeah.

 I honestly don’t know what this anime is trying to be though. Is it some sort of comedy detective show? Is it an action show with detective undertones? Slice of life (nope)? Just comedy? An implicit criticism of society and their ‘seven sins’? An in depth look into the human psyche and the affects of guilt? A ‘sports’ show about competing authors and their attempts to become number one? Who the f*ck knows? The show takes so many twists and turns and honestly, I don’t know what the f*ck is going on half the time. Sure, this so is ‘random’ and it’s ‘supposed’ to be, but I just don’t understand what the author was trying to achieve. Dog and Scissors might as well be an weekly show like the Simpsons with the amount of actual underlying plot it has. There is none! They could go for the ‘how to bring Kazuhito back to life’ (I doubt he’ll ever regain human form… his body is underground somewhere)? They could go for Natsuno is trying to become the number one author in Japan? They could go form Kazuhito is trying to start a doggy harem? But no. They go for, ‘here are the adventures of Natsuno and Kazuhito as they try to solve petty crime and help teenage girls with their brother love issues…’. It just don’t understand.

 Oh, and on a quick note, Suzuna’s plan was sh*t. Not even worth a mention. Oh! And good job Natsuno on finishing a manuscript! That is all.

 But it’s not all doom and gloom, I mean, I actually really like this show and the direction it’s taking (sort of, hence the large paragraph above). Whilst the issues dealt with in the show don’t affect everyone on a large scale (sibling deaths don’t tend to turn people into psychopaths, y’know? Can’t associate really…), they issues they do deal with are… no. Nope. Sorry. I’m failing to see anything that can ‘touch my heart’ in this show. And that’s okay! This is a comedy, not some rip off of Bakemonogatari or Madoka Magica, it doesn’t pertain to be some ‘high end game changer’, y’know? If anything, I’m glad the show doesn’t present us with anything too serious, hell, I’m watching this show as a reprieve from every day life, not so that I can start slitting my wrists the moment I realize I can relate. Suzuna for example, for a moment there I thought they were going to turn her into some ‘seriously evil antagonist‘… I was wrong. So very wrong… for now.

 To conclude, I’m glad Madoka is gone. She was annoying. That is all.