Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Episode 10 Image 0006

Synopsis: In the library’s anteroom, they find Natsuno’s stalker Fujimaki Hotaru–her classmate Osawa Hami. She and Kazuhito had once exchanged promises–that she would become an author and he would be her first reader. Having become an author, Hami returned to see Kazuhito. “Welcome home, Kazuhito-kun.”


 Episode 10. Nothing, really, happenedFor the longest time now I’ve been wondering, ‘Just how are they going to make a series out of this concept?’. The answer? Ten episodes later I can finally assure you that… they can’t. Dog and Scissors is simply one of those series you watch as a reprieve after having a boring/stressful day. Plot wise, it sucks. Enjoyment wise however, it’s lovely. At least, that’s what I think.

 In episode 10 we see Kazuhito come face to face with yet another ‘face‘ from his past, Hami. Now Hami is… odd(?), having an awkwardly horrific anxious disposition that renders her an invalid whenever she thinks she has done something wrong… it was funny for a while, but then it became annoying and now – now it just creeps me the f*ck out when she starts talking about shoving a pen into her throat because she has done something that has brought ‘shame’ on herself… and others… and myself. I don’t know, I just don’t find her character very likable.

 And then of course, we have the ‘write off’. Now I knew they’d do something crazy to make it more interesting, but mind control? I didn’t see that coming. And I can’t believe that all that time those people were attacking Natsuno because they read a book! Whilst I’m glad they’ve finally tied up that loose end and brought the two story arcs together, I can’t help but feel a massive anticlimax as something that I thought would be awesome and would relate to the final arc, turned out to be no more than one girls attempt at… killing Natsuno because of some convoluted plan to become and an author and make love to her dog friend, good ol’ Kazuhito.

 That Hami… she’s an odd one.

 And, I guess, that bring us to my final point… just how are they going to end this series? There are two episodes left after all… And whilst it’s nice to see Natsuno feeling bad about Kazuhito’s condition once again (I’d like to point out that she’s the reason he’s in said condition), I don’t want there to be no pay off. Is it finally time for Kazuhito to become human again? Or will the series fall prone to ‘apathy syndrome’ and end the series on a lame note that’ll make me want to throw myself into a ravine… who knows… Two more episodes…

(Sorry about the shortness of the post. Blame the lackluster plot. And my lack of time…)