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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 10 Img 0018FINALLY. GOD, things are getting interesting again, and this arc will be fun no doubt about that.  The only downside is how obvious it was that Dee is Alis’ enemy. I knew something was off the minute Dee told Ai “I’m sure you’ll come to live it too, Ai, and that you’ll wanna stay here forever”. This was the vital hint because Alis does not want to live in that world anymore, and so here we have two friends with two different ideas. With that said, I am fairly confident that it wasn’t necessarily the entire class that made the wish, but in fact but Dee herself because that would explain why she and Alis are the only ones who remember. Next up, when we learned that Dee had a physical body in their false world, and when she first escaped with Alis to the outside world where she was a ghost- the first thing that crossed me mind is that she’s already dead. With that last scene of Dee’s memory of falling out a window, I am fairly confident that’s how she died. But I digress, the big question is: Does Alis know that Dee had (most likely) “died” after falling out of the window? Sometimes tells me that he doesn’t because he didn’t understand why Dee was a Ghost when they stepped out of that false world.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 10 Img 0034Back onto what I was initially talking about: So that brings me to think about the timeline. Fifteen years ago, the world was abandoned by God, and the dead continued to ‘live on’, and fourteen years ago on July 28th, Alis’ class was suddenly trapped in a false world. This brings up two possibilities of when things started happening.  A) Dee died at some point during the first year of era of the Undead, or B) She died exactly on July 28th and made her wish during her fall or she makes her wish some point after that during the second year of the era of the Undead.
The only thing that confused me a bit was how the reset works on the outsiders. They weren’t exactly clear about whether the outsiders who are brought into this world are literally included in the reset. I’m leaning towards the idea that they were rather than just witnessing the reset. If that’s the case, this means with the time and seasons out of whack, they have to race against time in order to not to be ‘Reset’.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 10 Img 0024But now here comes the tough part. Alis knows that Dee is his enemy, so it makes me wonder if Dee will be doing everything in her power to stop him from achieving his goals so that Ai, and Yuri and Scar along with her baby become part of their world (if the Reset really does include wiping out the Outsiders’ memories). She is definitely working to get Ai onto her side instead of aiding Alis, by trying to make her fall in love with the place. But Ai is a smart girl, and right away she hits the bulls-eyes when Alis had asked her what she thinks of the world. You know I especially loved that because Ai can be naive, but at the same time she can be extremely wise. She knew right away that the world is not normal, and figured that it’s most likely created based off someone’s wish (as we have learned more and more about throughout the journey).
In whole, the episode was actually very sad. I felt especially sad in particular for both Alis and Dee. Alis is desperately trying to find out a way to get rid of the False World, going as far as setting the city ablaze and killing his classmates in the beginning only to see the world reset itself moments after as if it never happened at all. And then there’s Dee, who without a doubt I am sure is afraid of what would become of her if Alis destroys the false world since she is most likely dead. We don’t know what will happen- heck we don’t even know what is going to happen if they do succeed! What will become of them? If they succeed destroying the false world, would they be destroyed along with it? Or will they simply return to the real world? Or worse, possibly get trapped somewhere in between the two- of course that all varies whether we’re getting a second season or not since they need to wrap things up with that sense of finality like The Valley of Death.
At this point with only two episodes left I don’t think we’re going to learn about Ai’s hometown secret. However with Wishes being a huge factor throughout the entire show, I am starting to lean towards the idea that whatever the secret is, it was influenced by Hana’s wish as it was her dream to make their town a heavenly sanctuary for both the living and the dead.


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  1. rei

    I think the ‘secret’ of Ai’s village has long been answered. That is; people in the village were already dead, and Ai was made to believe they weren’t. It was said in episode 3.

    1. Eva

      *Shrugs* If it were, then it really flew over my head because it didn’t feel like that was the ‘big secret’ to me. But I do get where you are coming from now that I really think back about it.

      1. Ceci-Chan

        So~ You ship AlisXAi yet :3
        But im sad this anime is almost over, I would have liked it to be longer T_T since to be honest, its one of the epic series of this season xD

        1. Eva

          Surprisingly no, I don’t ship them yet. At this rate, I think I might end up not shipping anything by the time the show ends – and I can hardly consider myself a Yuri x Scar shipper anymore after how underwhelming their relationship turned out to be.
          This is definitely one of the stronger titles of this season despite it’s ups and downs. I am not sure whether making it longer would benefit this show since it has progressed through arcs and it all varies on how far the light novel is. But who knows, perhaps we’ll get a second season- of course that all depends on how things play out in the end.

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