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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 11 Img 0025Oh my heart! This was quite a powerful episode and threw me in a glass case of emotions. It turns out that it was July 28th when Dee died falling out an open window and Class 3-4 made the wish “Please let us live our everyday lives forever and ever”. But funny enough I am not a hundred percent convinced… probably because it sounds a bit weird to me, but if that’s how it is, so be it. The only thing I’m scratching my head about is the timeline, since her death happened a year after God had abandoned the world, she would have continued living as an Undead until she is given a burial or goes on a rampage. So I am going to assume that people in their class didn’t particularly care about the fact they couldn’t actually end their life at that point of time since it was only a year later.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 11 Img 0040It’s no surprise that Dee was in love with Alis, and worse of all she is facing a heartbreak as Alis becomes more and more comfortable around Ai to the extent I can hear the shippers singing. I don’t ship them or anyone for the matter at this point (surprise surprise!) but unlike Yuri x Scar, I can actually sense that there’s something developing between them, mostly on Alis’ side. I also wasn’t surprised to see that Alis has come to hate wishes and came to the conclusion that the world is better off without them.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 11 Img 0003Hearing Dee’s side of the story of why she has started interfering with Alis’ mission to free Class 3-4 (destroying all the evidence, except for one), it caught me by surprise to hear that she too has blood on her hands as she had shot Alis at one point to ‘reset him’ so that he’d forget about his mission of saving their class. But clearly that wasn’t the case as he continued to strive to seek freedom from their cage, except for the price of having no memory that she is dead (which is why he was confused when she came out as a ghost into the real world).
Dee mentions why she became the Whisperer, telling Ai that she wants to destroy the outside world so that “the fly won’t hurt himself if there’s no world on the other side of the glass“. It’s certainly a twisted and selfish plan, but if anything it would only make Alis furious.
One of the things that Dee had mentioned that I found interesting was how before this glass globe world came to be, Dee had rarely spoken to Alis, she has always been watching him from afar. And with that in mind, I get the feeling that if she hadn’t died, she wouldn’t be friend/enemy like she is with Alis now. It was because only she and Alis noticed that the world is constantly being ‘reset’ that they gave them reason to connect and communicate.
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Ep 11 Img 0044Now Ai is trying to find a way to save both Alis and Dee. The problem is, Dee is already dead so she thinks she will be destroyed along with this world if Alis manages to succeed with his plans. So Ai is trying to figure out a way to save her while also helping Alis achieve his goal.
Last but not least, we were able to learn the reason why Alis had made a wish and became a buzz beater.
Alis loved basketball despite the fact that he sucked at it and couldn’t make the team. So he made a wish and it was granted by making him a Buzz Beater. However the price was taking away what was dear to him, basketball as the thrill of the game is a matter of whether you make the basket or not. Ai being there on the day Alis during his loop effect or whatever it is, interfered with it as that’s where Dee was supposed to be as she was supposed to be the one who catches Alis as he falls. To make it only more heartbreaking, Ai asks Alis if they had to sacrifice one person to save their class, what would he do and Dee had to acknowledge the reality that Alis is willing to sacrifice anyone if that means they can save their class. It only made me down in a wave of emotions when Dee pointed out that she already knew the answer since that day Ai had opened the window for a fly that kept on banging against it.
Next week is the finale, it’s been a rocky ride, but I hope they can go out with a bang. It looks like Ai might try to ‘glitch’ the world as much as possible to the point it’s so overwhelming to the system and it can’t recover, but who knows what the results are going to be.


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