The World God Only Knows III Episode 10 Image 0009

Synopsis: The last goddess is inside Ayumi, but only two days remain. Keima has no choice but to drop Chihiro hard and switch over to Ayumi’s route. However, Ayumi happens to be watching and she begins avoiding Keima, which disrupts his conquest. At the same time, Lune has come to the Mai High School with her Vintage underlings to hunt goddesses.


 Poor Chihiro… after having her heart broken by Keima, she’s once again catering to his ever whim… sort of. It’s not really her fault though, I mean, Keima has (seemingly) pretty much gotten over his past dilemma and is now pursuing Ayumi like a boss, but I can’t help but feel sorry for Chihiro. She’s just a normal teenage girl who’s fallen in love, and now the boy she thought had fallen in love with her is making a move on her best friend… that’s got to suck, y’know? But Keima is Keima and he’s gotta keep doing what he’s gotta do to save… the world? The town? Kanon? I don’t even know any more…

 Allow me to rage: what, the f*ck, is up with the animation.



 It’s really not even funny how badly animated this season has been and, to be quite frank, it’s annoying. It’s so noticeable at times that I can’t even focus. Keima looks like a dribbly f*ck half the time and some of the other characters don’t even look like themselves from afar… I just… I can’t… Why? It was getting better, it really was… but now… Ugh.

 But I digress, the plot…

 Felt disjointed and rushed. Again it feels like their cramming way too much into an episode just so that they can reach the twelve episode mark without leaving too much out and… well… it’s kind of annoying really. I felt bored, the only thing that kept me watching was the tense scene when Keima realizes that all of his previous conquests (or, his bitches) have been taken, but again, that’s all there was. They’ve yet to explain who Akari (the purple haired girl who looks like a hobo) is and for all of the anime only viewers this must be really confusing. Then again, to the anime only viewers it’s probably just foreshadowing… I guess we’ll see how the handle that little side plot in the upcoming episodes.

 But this isn’t a post about the upcoming episodes! No, this a post about episode 10 of The World God Only Knows and, for all it’s flaws, it wasn’t the worst episode of all time… that said, it was definitely pretty bad. The plot is still there and, whilst it’s definitely being rushed, the core TWGOK elements are all still there; the comedy, the romance and the Haqua… gotta love those cute Haqua faces, y’know? That said, let’s actually talk about Haqua… They rushed her escape a bit, y’know? I guess you were probably expecting me to say that but it’s true, they did indeed rush it. The explanation for why Dokoro Skull was constantly switching sides was explained poorly and the whole ‘Haqua, your the only one who can save us now!’ speech felt rather anti-climactic.

 …However, Haqua is just cute and awesome so… go Haqua? (As a little side note: the battle scene sucked d*ck… that is all).

 To conclude, episode 10 of The World God Only Knows was not what I was expecting from this arc. I understand that this is definitely one of the weakest parts of the story, but, that said, they could have handled the whole ‘Chihiro is angry/jealous at/of Ayumi dilemma’ a bit better, there were slithers of animosity sprinkled throughout the episode, but that was about it. This episode (and the season in general, if I’m being honest) needed to be more… the series needed to be done justice and, well, it’s been let down by shoddy animation and a rushed plot.

 It’s sad really.