Kuchinawa wants Sengoku to find his corpse, huh? While it might seem like an easy task, I’m sure there will be a backlash of repercussions – once his corpse is found, I’m willing to bet he’ll regain a good portion of his former power. If his energy was scattered on purpose, then whoever did it is also probably aware of that fact. It’s interesting that his “return” after lying dormant for so long was due to the events of the last arc; if Shinobu had never gathered the remnant energy of the worn-down shrine, then Kuchinawa himself would have never turned up to haunt Sengoku. Shinobu only tried going back in time because Araragi never finished his homework. So indirectly, this was partly Araragi’s fault! He should take responsibility 😀

I suppose he sorta has, by becoming involved. I didn’t actually think he’d be convinced by Sengoku’s excuse that easily, both over the phone and when she was in his house. I mean, a hallucination of having a hallucination? Really? Especially as it’s a snake, which is something she’s been involved with before? While her scary appearance at the end of the arc is still a far cry from how she is now, you can tell that things are slowly changing – she’s willing to easily lie to her Koyomi-onii-chan. And above all, I feel that she’s been too accepting of Kuchinawa, both with letting him possess her and with his demands. Their interaction at school had this happy OST that didn’t really sit right with me – because in the end, he’s taking advantage of her guilt and twisting her to meet his own needs.

As happy as I am to see Shinobu again (kyuuketsuki punch!) she made some intriguing comments. Even though it’s clear she’s not too fond of Sengoku (nor of Araragi’s attachment to her) she essentially accused her of being a manipulator. Or, more accurately, that she’s taking advantage of people with her moe cuteness. People are nice to her because she’s cute and meek, and they immediately think she’s the victim when involved in a dispute. Sengoku calls this discrimination – but it’s favourable discrimination nonetheless. I can actually see where Shinobu’s coming from. I mean, I’m all over Sengoku’s cuteness as well, but she’s reserved to the point I can’t really tell what she’s thinking – until the sudden yandere outburst turns up, of course.


Then again, I think she’s genuinely too meek to manipulate people like that. I didn’t even know she was a class rep – being that introverted, she’s the last person I’d think of who’d be willing to manage class affairs. Even Kuchinawa thought so. But like the mess she’s in right now, the job was suddenly thrown on her, and she’s too passive to protest. Back at the shrine, she never apologized, or tried to complain – the first thing she said was: “what do you want me to do for you?” as if it was the normal thing to do. Shinobu really grilled her there, to the point she was in tears on the floor…I don’t think she’s got any bad intentions. For now, at least. Later on, she’s twisted to the point she kills Araragi without hesitation – did something change, or was that sort of emotion within her from the very beginning?

Shinobu was right about one thing though. Sengoku really is the next cutest thing to her!