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Episode 11 Synopsis: Haqua returns from Hell after learning that Maijima Bay’s Point Rock is a gate between Earth and Old Hell. Vintage has imprisoned the goddesses in Point Rock. Soon, demons, goddesses, and humans will be engulfed in war. After Haqua helps to save Ayumi, Katsuragi is determined to conquer the final goddess, but he needs Chihiro’s help to get the job done.


 Aw Chihiro, I’m sorry that you’re hurting. That said, at first I was all like ‘Ugh, what a bitch!’ and then I was all like ‘Chihiro! You’re the only one for the Keim-ster’ and then I was all like ‘Ayumi? Stay way from Chihiro’s man’ and then, finally, I was all like ‘Ayumi! You sign those marriage papers!’. Ha ha, jokes aside, I do love the romance aspect of this show, it’s nice and refreshing, no porn, not that much fan service and an abundance of feels. It’s good. It’s really good. And, I think, that if Manglobe had done a better job of representing this series, it could have been so much more.

 Now, don’t get me wrong, I love The World God Only Knows and this episode was actually pretty decent (when compared to the quality of episodes past), but I can’t help but feel as though everything has been rushed. Let’s look at the Chihiro incident, for example, I mean, in the manga they spent a lot more time dealing with her emotional response to Keima’s rejection, but, in the anime, there were a couple of quick words and then it was over. Chihiro was seemingly better and was ready to continue with helping Keima in his conquest… I just… Ugh.

 But I digress, that’s the only fault I could find (one that has plagued the show since the beginning), this episode was, as I said, pretty darn amazing. I can definitely understand why Chihiro did (or didn’t do) what she did, I mean, she has every right to be angry at Keima. She loves him. I think that much has been made evident already, but Keima is off trying to marry her best friend… yeah, it’s f*cked up. I don’t think she hates him though, in fact, I think she’s, quite literally, incapable of hating him; the heart wants what the heart wants after all.

 But, ultimately, this is Ayumi’s conquest, Chihiro is now a side plot. Keima rides up on his horse, Ayumi proposes marriage and Ayumi’s parents… well they ain’t got no idea what’s going on… understandably so, however. I think I like the way this conquest is going and, even though Ayumi is upset, I can’t help but be attracted to her violent nature… A masochist? Me? What?!

 To conclude, twas awesome. Let’s just hope that the finale is as awesome as the penultimate episode (hopefully better).


Episode 12 Synopsis: The goddesses have been assembled and they take wing to Point Rock. Haqua and the Loose Souls team sqaure off against Vintage. And the climax of the Mai High Festival awaits.


 And now it’s finally over. Honestly, for all it’s fault and failure, The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc was awesome. Plot wise, it’s the best thing that could have ever happened to the series, I mean, there’s only so many times you can watch Keima repeating the same formula over and over again until you want something more, y’know? But in all seriousness, I loved it. Episode 11 pales in comparison to this final episode; the animation was good, the music was (as usual) great and, best of all, it was the conclusion we all wanted (probably). Firstly, I’m just glad that they didn’t do what they did with every other season and end it off with some OVA like ‘filler’ episode. Secondly, I’m glad that we got to see Keima finally progress as a character. I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment and they didn’t disappoint. Not entirely anyway.

 Let’s talk about Ayumi. Ayumi is special in a way that Tenri and Chihiro can never be because she was Keima’s first… capture, that is. I absolutely loved the idea of bringing back some of the fan favorite characters for another season and that’s why this season has been so popular. Episode 12 was the conclusion of the ‘Second Ayumi Arc’ (as I’ve hereby dubbed it) and what an interesting conclusion it was. Marriage? Why not. Seeing Keima be upfront and honest (for once) was nice, he didn’t sugar coat anything and I’m sure Ayumi appreciated that. But what got me the most was that Keima flat out admitted he didn’t love Ayumi and we all know that’s got to hurt. I’m pretty sure that Keima is Ayumi’s first love, someone who she was willing to ‘marry’ just to prove a point. But Ayumi knew all along that Keima didn’t love her and that’s what made their moment even sadder. But Keima wasn’t conflicted, he knew what he had to do and he did it. The kiss, whilst not as amazing as some of the previous kisses, was nothing to turn your nose up at and the awesome scenery did nothing to subtract from that. I don’t think we’re going to be seeing Ayumi as a main character again for a little while, I mean, whilst she is Keima’s ‘first’, I think there are girls that are… ‘more important’ to Keima than everyone’s favorite tsundere (well, she’s not my favorite, but whatever floats your boat).

 And, before we talk about Chihiro the Hero (would have spelt it ‘Hiro’ but I didn’t think you’d get it…), I’d first like to mention Tenri and Diana… just what did Tenri say to Diana? If I had one criticism about this episode, it would be that the entire Goddess part of it, you know, the titular part, was sidelined for the entire episode! Even the fight to win back Keima’s previous conquests was pushed into the backdrop. Hell, Keima walked away from the battle before even finding out how it ended! Sure, I understand that there was nothing he could do and sure, I understand that he needed to walk Chihiro home because it was getting late, but seriously? Ignoring the main plot point? That’s not cool. What this series needed was another episode of two so that scenes like that didn’t have to be flown through in an attempt to properly fill the time slot. The Goddesses were treated poorly in this final episode and it didn’t feel fair. Kanon especially was underdeveloped in this series, I mean, for Goddesses sake, she started this whole thing with her confession of love and it was never even addressed?! Lazy writing? I think so.

 Now let’s talk about Chihiro, the girl who is slowly becoming one of my favorite conquests ever. Oh Chihiro, how you must suffer in the name of love. I didn’t notice it as much in that manga (although it was still rather obvious), but the chemistry between Keima and Chihiro is surprisingly powerful. If there was ever a conquest that benefited Keima as a person, it was this one. I think it’s pretty obvious that Keima loves Chihiro, the girl who fell in love with him all over again, and I hurt to see Keima finally voicing his feelings pertaining to Chihiro and his whole situation. It must suck to have someone fall in love with you and then forget all about you and we’re finally seeing Keima show that he cares. Hell, he even turned off his video games at the end of the episode and went outside (what is this, some sort of cheesy television fitness advertisement?!), something that is possibly one of the most pivitol points in the anime. Allow me to remind you that at the beginning of this season Keima wanted nothing more than to pick up his PFP and play the night away. Keima is changing and it’s Chihiro that has changed him. I can’t wait to see were Keima will go next and I can only hope that Chihiro will be there with him… eventually…

 Oh! And another thing! That fight between Haqua and Lune… why did they even bother including it? I had absolutely no real bearing on the story and it was over within two rather crappy scenes… Boo.

 But let’s wrap this up, eh? I’m not going to lie, I’ve loved The World God Only Knows since episode 1 and no crappily animated season was ever going to change that. Ultimately, episode 12 is one of the best episodes this series has ever had and I can only hope that they’ll announce and fourth season soon… that is, if they haven’t already done so. So here’s to Chihiro and Keima! May they live happily ever after…