Diablo 1Yui cuts roses from rose bushes to make a rose bouquet. Kanato, with Teddy in tow, invites her to visit the grave of his mother. He revels in the dark atmosphere and the scent of death. It excites him. He talks about killing his mother, I note that happy, sadistic tone in his voice. Okay…killing moms is a fun thing, I presume. Yui says she wants to leave (she doesn’t like this depressing atmosphere and anyone would be uncomfortable with this more than troubled child/vampire).

Diablo 2Kanato does not approve of her finding discomfort being around him. And yet again, throws another bitch fit. He destroys the bouquet on his mother’s grave in his tantrum, spits negative garbage at Yui then has a complete transformation, going gentle but still sadistic under the overwhelming need to taste her blood. She tastes nice. That causes his hunger for more.

Diablo 3Sexuals.

Afterwards she is released. There is a fifteen second scene with Subaru and the mysterious man with the green hair who is their uncle. He says some cryptic phrase about “the awakening is soon at hand” when he sees Yui, walking about aimlessly, and a bit limply (from the blood loss, methinks). There is no doubt in my mind that she is a vampire – but probably half human, half vampire.

Diablo 5During her aimless walk about the premises, she hears Reiji moaning his head off. She goes in, to an area that she takes for his lab, and then wakes him. Apparently he was having a nightmare.

…well the moaning didn’t convince me. I’ve conjured too many scenarios that probably he would find to be a nightmare – to his head – but not to his unmentionables.

Okay. She touches him, he wakes and says he prefers waking up to the scent of her blood than to have endured the nightmare (that made him moan a lot). He makes tea for himself and admonishes her for being conceited and presumptuous because she thought he’d have made tea for her too. But he makes tea for her. Which isn’t tea. She coughs a lot and drops the teacup, it smashes to bits. He then gives her a potion probably to wear off the negative effects of the first. She falls dramatically, continues coughing and cuts her hand terribly on the glass. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!

He licks the blood from her palm then takes off his gloves and says that he’s been soiled by her blood. He pushes her into a book shelf then bites her and has a recollection of his mother.

Diablo 4He killed her too. So I have gathered that killing moms is a thing to get vampires off in this. Also, there was a flashback to Reiji’s childhood that gives some vague understanding to why he despises Shu. Maybe mother preferred him more, and that’s always a cause for jealousy among kids – especially boys, it seems. She died happily but that left Reiji very upset.

Diablo 6He is determined to not let anyone – presumably, Yui – have a peaceful death.


I’m getting tired of this show. Nothing seems to be happening more than Yui being feasted on by a different vampire brother in a different episode. The fifteen second appearance of the uncle was something necessary to the plot – which doesn’t seem to be much of anything currently.

Kanato has issues and his sadistic personality doesn’t work on me the way I think the directors intended. It doesn’t give me a sense of terror, it just seems out of place and exaggerated. I get the point that he’s a sadistic and angry fellow but how it’s brought across is just ridiculous to me. Yui makes me tired.

But I’m not complaining because I don’t care about this show. That’s more of an indicator that I should drop it since I no longer care about where this is going to go.

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  1. Eyah!

    B-But what about subaru D: The little Tsu-tsu (Tsubaru)?

    1. charlmeister

      I wonder if he’ll be the next one to get a bite from her in the next episode. I was so upset with this episode, I actually forgot about his character.

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