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Yowamushi Pedal Ep 2 Img 0004Oh man, I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t see the results within this episode, but it’s definitely going to be interesting how they are going to finish because it’s clear that Shunsuke’s strength lies on the flat roads, and Sakamichi is probably most likely a Climber which thanks to that will allow him to catch up to Shunsuke and make the conclusion of the race more suspenseful- unless Shunsuke has already won.
Compared to Shunsuke’s road racer, Sakamichi’s mommy bike weighs about 20kg which makes climbing a steep slope far more difficult. This is one of the main reasons Shunsuke wants to race Sakamichi because he is curious whether it’s a fluke or not since it is considered ‘impossible’ to ride up or down for the matter (as we seen last episode) the rear entrance in that bike, let alone Akiba. So it will be really interesting to see whether he can catch up and make it a close call.
Yowamushi Pedal Ep 2 Img 0007I think the sweetest part of the race was Sakamichi blown away by how fast he is actually cycling. Although he didn’t meet up to Shunsuke’s speed of 50 -60km/hour, regardless before Miki had adjusted the saddle appropriately for him Sakamichi was still doing pretty darn well. Actually, what really startled the others today was the sole fact Sakamichi has been riding to Akiba on his bike since fourth grade! Now is the time to showcase his ability and unofficial training he has been doing since then.
It was great to see Sakamichi get all fired up when Shunsuke put the bet down that if he loses, he will join the Anime Club. I think one of the best plot twists that could possibly happen if that these guys don’t actually join the cycling club but try to form an anime club that also does competitive cycling. But I doubt that will actually happen (but it would be cool to see!). I am also super proud of him for not being naive by not waiting for Shunsuke to catch up after 15 minutes. If he had, without a doubt Shunsuke would have been furious.
Yowamushi Pedal Ep 2 Img 0025Miki and her obsession with the bikes is really fantastic because she is so enthusiastic about it not to mention, she is a loveable character because she is a genuinely nice girl. She was able to help lift Sakamichi’s spirits not once, but twice this episode as well as help push him forward to resume the race when Shunsuke had already passed him despite the fifteen minutes handicap by adjusting his saddle position so that he can ride not only better, but faster. FFFFF— I REALLY WANT TO SEE HER RIDE AT SOME POINT!!!!!
Overall it was a great episode, it’s a shame that there’s no preview, but that extra bit at the ending is just too funny. The ultimate question is: Who will Win?  Unfortunately for Sakamichi, I’m putting my bets on Shunsuke.


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