Golden Time Episode 3: Wolf in Sheep Clothing

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Golden Time Ep 3 Img 0005Turns out that the so-called Laid-back Club is very much like the Tea-Club that was a PARTY HARD CLUB wolf in sheep clothing. They tricked newcomers into filling out their personal contact information, and are actually an unknown religious group that took them to their training facility not too far from the University’s Seminar that has no signal for anyone to make calls. On top of that they were basically holding the newcomers as prisoners because they would not let them out. They were essentially trapped until Banri decided to be the scapegoat and act like he’s genuinely touched by their beliefs and told the them his story about his accident and wounding up with an amnesia. He nailed it, and everyone was free to go, except Kaga decided to stick around since she knew he was pulling an act and later were able to escape together along with taking possession of everyone’s contact information.
Golden Time Ep 3 Img 0026Although Banri is without a doubt a talent actor [NAILED IT] (I think he would do well in a drama club), his story about the accident was in fact all true. It took place a day after he graduated high school and was told that he apparently fell off a bridge- but we all know that he was most likely struck by the person who was riding the scooter. Even more so, it appears it might have been very well planned because he was waiting for someone at the time and instead it was the scooter that had showed up. As result he had lost all his memories prior of the event including his own identity, so life has been hard for him as he went through rehab that was a painful process. When Taga had brought up the girlfriend subject, the first thing that came to mind is perhaps maybe Linda might have been his girlfriend at the time, or perhaps a friend, or has simply encountered him as a stranger when he popped out of the woods in his hospital attire. Either way, Banri’s lost memories is going to play a big role, probably not so much in the first half of the series, but more on the second half since the focus right now is solely on Kaga and her desire to be with Mitsuo.
Golden Time Ep 3 Img 0024 It makes you wonder how in world did she become so dependent on Mitsuo besides having been isolated and excluded from the groups. If anything, perhaps her ‘glamorous’ life that everyone believes she lives isn’t all what it seems. We have no idea what her relationship is like with her family nor what they think of her. We know one thing for sure and she is lonely, so I am going to assume her parents don’t spend much time with her, or perhaps worse- neglecting her existence which could very well be the reason why ‘without Mitsuo, she has no reason to live’. Quite frankly, that is startling to hear from Kaga, to feel that her existence is worthless without him. That being said, if Oda and Mitsuo do end up bonding closely and later get into a relationship as I speculated last week, we know now that it will simply destroy her. What is life without Mitsuo? This is something Kaga has to come to terms with, she needs to become independent and most importantly love herself and feel like she can be whole without him. Banri is definitely going to be her pillar of support as he cares for her and is obviously attracted to her, but it’s still going to be tough for Kaga to make that transition and most importantly come to accept the harsh reality at some point or another.
Overall this was an amusing episode that managed to be quite deep in the end. I am feeling more motivated to continue my coverage of this show. Bless the three episode rule! On the extra note I really hope we see more of 2D-kun aka Sato Takaya, he seems to be a nice guy and a fun character.

0 thoughts on “Golden Time Episode 3: Wolf in Sheep Clothing

  1. Things are going to get more interesting from now on 😉
    If you liked the end of ep3, you’re on the right train with this anime.

  2. I do wonder about Linda’s connection to Banri. Seems pretty confirmed it was her who found him when he was wandering around in that flashback/dream in episode 2. So I guess the question is if she was actually his girlfriend, just a friend, or a complete stranger. I’d probably lean to the second category, though maybe a friend who did have feelings for him. Either way it makes sense. She is pretty shaken by the revelation about his condition and how he doesn’t know her at all. So she goes far away to school to get away from it all. He takes a year in rehab and for his own reasons goes all the way out there.
    I actually like how they are handling Banri’s condition. His behavior and thoughts make sense. All he knows is who he is now so of course he’s not eager to just regain his memories and maybe lose his current self. Probably came to school out here to get away from those friends and family that wanted him to be someone he wasn’t anymore.
    Kouko’s development will be interesting to see. The transition to becoming a whole person without Mitsuo though right now she feels that person is incomplete. Can this be done without her becoming dependent on Banri like before? Can Kouko be Kouko while falling for someone different?
    Personally I enjoyed the series from the start. But agree, viva the 3 episode rule!

    1. I agree with how well they are handling Banri’s condition. For me, it adds that depth that I felt was lacking in the first episode. I do hope Banri will be able to help her make that transition to independence. I believe Kaga has the ability to be herself while falling for someone else, but as she is right now, but it’s a matter of her believing that she can do it. Actually more accurately, I think she needs to do a bit of self reflection when she’s alone. As long as she believes that she is worthless without Mitsuo or anyone for that matter, she will stay that way. This is where Banri can help her out by being supportive and giving her a sense of direction and letting her know she’s not alone in this and she does matter.

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