Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Episode 3: Shocking Revelation

“Kill and don’t get Killed”

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Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 3 Img 0019OH SNAP, Pino knows Marie! The minute this happened I think we all knew right away that Marie was for a fact was not Human like she thought she was. We’ve seen what happen to those who are not registered pilots of the Valvrave- its a brutal death! And yet, Marie was spared from that happening to her because Pino immediately recognized her and told her that they were friends- which is MIND BLOWING because who would have seen that coming?! More importantly, Pino herself told Marie that isn’t her true form/body, so I’m going to guess along the lines that they have planted her ‘consciousness’ into the Valvrave and her body is stored elsewhere or has been destroyed. This is a crazy revelation, and things are only going to be even more interesting as we find out what Marie is capable of herself. She too is immortal, ironic really because here she was about to confront Haruto about what in the world he is until L-Elf had shot her in the head. Marie had us that she only remembers two years back of her life, and nothing about her family, where as Pino told her they were friends and have met five years ago. Wherever they were, it’s safe to say that the two of them were most likely in the same facility where they were operating the experiments of the Runes. Pino mentioned that she had eaten (I think the word she was looking for was ‘consumed’) the Runes and the system reset, she doesn’t quite remember. Since Pino is familiar with Marie, it makes me wonder if Marie is capable of piloting Haruto’s unit, and whether depending on the pilot, it’s abilities perhaps may change as well. Although that idea is quite far fetched, it would be very interesting to see if that were to happen or not.
In the beginning of the episode we get the glimpse of the future again, where Saki is talking to the Prince, the little boy we saw last season. Satomi referred Saki as the Prince’s godmother so SHE IS NOT THE MOTHER FOLKS! (I’m not going to lie, I will laugh my ass off if turns out to be L-Elf’s and Haruto’s child because the curse side-effects are quite unpredictable) At first, I thought perhaps it was the Princess that Saki was referring to about at the age of eleven, she was the first of mankind (Human) to possess the Holy Spirit, but then I realized perhaps it’s actually Pino because it’s no coincidence that Pino recognized Marie. As mentioned in the above, Pino’s Valvrave mascot is not her true form. There’s also the point that Satomi too is alive when many years has passed. So perhaps the entire main lot of them- could be perhaps all immortal subjects (though it’s hard to say because I can’t remember how many years it’s been, nor did they mention it this time round).
Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 3 Img 0020Since they have landed on Dorrisian soil, L-Elf forms a new plan where their next mission is to get a hold of transportation where he assigns Saki and Akira and himself as their guide to infiltrate the Karlstein facility, a top secret facility where army agents (or more accurately child soldiers) are created to get ahold of a Dorrisian transportation vehicle. This place is also where he was grew up with the A-Drei and the others. The flashbacks were brief, but sad. They are instructed with kill or be killed, and L-Elf appeared to be quite at home with the group. Unfortunately that’s no longer the case and is forced to face against them. It’s quite unsettling to see A-Drei and Q-Vier in particular being the two the arrive at the scene, and the other two partnered up. God damn it I sincerely hope Akira is NOT with Q-Vier, she messed with him on the Valvrave before, and I would hate to see her have to face his psychotic behaviour firsthand. Saki on the other hand is partnered with A-Drei, who also makes me nervous as well because of his obsession to make L-Elf his dog and seek revenge for shooting him in the eye.
Kakumeiki Valvrave 2 Ep 3 Img 0041However, in order for the mission to succeed he needs to either kill off the entire lot or make it impossible or difficult for them to return to the base even though there are children which to I am sure everyone else’s horror, those bombs they are setting up is the trap just for that. It’s pretty obvious that once that happens, a lot of people are going to be questioning L-Elf’s ways of battle and may go as far as creating a rift where those will not want to follow his orders. On top of that, if that’s not bad enough- Dorrisian special force squad is there too with mecha units that the JIOR gang are completely unfamiliar with, not to mention- had no problem destroying Thunder’s Valvrave’s arm. That itself will only make the plan more difficult since L-Elf was focusing on getting rid of the Ideal Blume. I wouldn’t put it past L-Elf to have predicted their arrival, but who knows, I don’t think he is relying too much on his future-sight after Cain outmatched him.
I also kind of wanted to SLAP Haruto for neglecting his part of the mission, he could have saved the discussion with Marie LATER since well, um MISSION IS KIND OF A PRIORITY RIGHT NOW AND IS UNDERWAY AS WE SPEAK. Both he and Marie are lucky that she was immortal because god damn it- Haruto if she had died right then and there that would have been partially your fault because L-Elf wouldn’t have come and get you to tell you to get your ass onto the field!
In the mean time on the Moon, JIOR is setting up a Valvrave dummy made out of scraps, but unfortunately for them, no one is falling for that and ARUS is going to use it to their advantage to pretend that they caught the bait to pressure Dorrisia. It appears that ARUS’ president is still Human at the moment, no signs of having been transformed into a Magius like the other guy had, but he is being extremely cautious about the The Counsel of Hundred and One’s activities since he has no idea what they are planning.


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  1. IreneSharda says:

    Actually Satomi refers to his godmother having the name Renbokoji, so it’s more likely that he’s talking about his sister, Akira being the prince’s godmother, then he’s talking about Saki.
    I don’t think Saki’s the mother though, since she refers to the prince formally.

  2. Vantage says:

    Aww look, it’s L-Elf and Haruto’s son! …Wait what?
    Also, I would have been more disappointed if Marie didn’t stand back up again 😀 Wouldn’t have expected anything less from this show. I’m guessing she was Pino’s former pilot, probably for testing(?) purposes. Stuff happened during the system reset; both Pino and Marie can’t quite remember as a result. So physically she has space vampire powers (probably the first one to get them too), and just isn’t aware of it.

    • Eva says:

      I think the more interesting aspect of this is that she was immortal the entire time, yet- she has never show-cased any of the aggressive side-effects of attacking people to consume their runes.

  3. Norman says:

    you know i think the prince is l elf and shoko child because they are not valvraves pilot they could become old and die
    and the pilots taking care of the prince after their death

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